11 August 2016

Vacation Forever - Mid Ohio at Midnight EP

In one of those brief moments when I have a spare few spare seconds of free time and require a break from my job and reviewing, one of the things I like to do is read a blog called 'Yeah, I Know It Sucks' - you can check it out via this link (if anyone for YIKIS reads this, love your stuff), they are independently ran and they support all sorts of artists and genres, some of whom have appeared on this blog as well. Anyway, whilst looking through their latest batch of posts, I found a cover which caught my eye.  An alien surfing on a shark, in space...... Now that is an eye grabbing image and now I get to play the age old game of Cover Roulette! As regular readers will know, every now and then I pick a release just based on the cover and this one just needed to be added to this list.  Vacation Forever are from Columbus, Ohio and they consist of Kevyn Herman, John Slyh, Matt Daniel & William Ong.  After that, I cannot tell you much else and I think at this point I will look at the four tracks that make this EP.

Starting the EP is the track “Midnight in Mid-Ohio”, from the start you are given a tale about late nights, inner thoughts and the voices that come in the dark.  It is reminiscent of band such as Rufio, Reggie & The Full Effects, Refused and The Ataris with a brand of punk that is both emotive and hard as nails in the same instance.  The song is sung shouted with a youthful passion that has more passion in its little finger than in the whole of the last Biffy Clyro album (sorry Biffy, they have stolen your thunder), with a fire inside that is hard to ignore.  “Totes Malotes” continues this fine form musically, a hard hitting sound that grabs the soul and tells it that you have other people have felt and experienced the same sort of emotions as you. It is a slower number, more methodical that “Midnight in Mid-Ohio” but with the same level of passion and fury to the sound.  “H.D & L.T” continues this strangely familiar pattern going, with a song about friendship and the pitfalls when someone wants more than the other person.  It is a well-played song, with a dynamic riff pattern and smashing drums that keep the listener’s attention and does not disappoint either. Ending the EP (far too soon) is “Long Drive Home” which slows it all down the mood slightly, which is actually needed as the EP was in danger of sounding a little samey by this point.  It is still shouting at the world, pointing the finger and demanding attention; this is something that listener’s will do in droves as it sounds absolutely fantastic, well-crafted and for a little bit bonkers – the best way to end this EP.

It is over all too soon if I am honest, the band sound fascinating and it never drops in terms of intensity, passion and well-crafted math/punk/alternative/emo rock noise.  It is the dynamic in a way that only the youth can do, you find this type of music is one that is in the realms of younger hands and one of the best EP’s that I have picked for cover roulette.  I want to find a fault to be fair to the band, but it all sounds fantastic and beautifully fragile – long story short, buy it now.

5 out of five – I wish I had extra ears to love this more.

Top track – Midnight in Mid-Ohio
You can purchase Mid-Ohio at Midnight EP from the Vacation Forever Bandcamp page here 

You can visit the Vacation Forever Big Cartel page here and purchase stuff! 

You can follow the activities of Vacation Forever on Facebook here 

At the time of writing, Mid-Ohio at Midnight EP is only available on the Vacation Forever Bandcamp/Big Cartel page; do yourself (and the band a favour) and purchase it.

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