30 August 2016

Shivers Addiction - Choose Your Prison

Shivers Addiction are an Italian band from Saronno, Lombardy, they were formed in 2004 and have released one EP, a homemade album and now they have released 'Choose Your Prison'.  They consist of Marco Cantoi on vocals, Marco Panizzo & Gino Peroraro on guitars, Fabio Cova on bass and Angelo De Polignol on drums.  The cover is an angel in prison, locked up and pondering his choices.  Now I have not heard of these guys before their submission, but let us find out what they are all about....

Starting the album is "Eternal Damnation" which is a classic rock number, nothing too fancy with a good pace, a fine solo and with good vocal performance as well.  It is an interesting number, not doing anything that I have not heard before, but not doing anything wrong either and it is a steady, well performed number.  "We Live On a Lie" is next and it takes the game up a notch, this one sounds as if it was written in the 1980's and was a lost track to the 1980's Vampire film 'The Lost Boys'.  It has more solo's than any song outside of Tool requires, a vintage riff that is just keeps on giving and whilst it is not total my thing, it is one damn fine rock song!  "The King & The Guillotine" is the third track of the album, a dramatic track that slows the mood down as the band tell the story about an execution and the final moments on earth for a king.  A slower number, aiming for a macabre dance and not quite make it for me, it has another cracking solo, but little else on the song works for me. 

"La Mort Qui Danse" acts as a brief instrumental that leads into "Money Makes the Difference", which comes across as a mixture of 'Master of Puppets' era Metallica, Savatage and Judas Priest.  It picks up the bass with a steady mixture of trash and classic rock that will appeal to a lot of old school metal fans, it is one of the best songs on offer on this album with a classic riff, steady bass pulse and pounding drums.  "Freedom" is the sixth track on the album, it is a confused beast which is bother slow and fast at the same time.  It is heading for Iron Maiden territory on this one, then it has a grunge riff that would not be out of place on an Alice In Chains record.  It is a decent song, nothing that is blowing my mind if I am honest here, it is a well performed song and the band have nail the song, but it does not quite spark with me - not for me, but not bad either.  "Where Is My Future" is an enigma to me, it keeps changing what it is with ease; one minute prog, one-minute metal, no minute grunge and all without a heartbeat of hesitation.  This song has another sweet solo and it will be going down a storm when they play it live. 

The next song on the album is "Painted Arrow" which starts with the sound of a battle, cries of war and goes for an epic feeling.  It has some good moments, the acoustic parts are interesting, it continues the endless supplies of soloing and another solid performance from Shivers Addiction.  I like the way it sounds, maybe it could have lost a beat or two, but there is more than enough on here to keep the listener engaged and interested.  The next song is "Against We Stand" which I cannot quite make up my mind about.  It has all the standard stuff which has been the calling card for this album; a solo that would put most bands to shame, strong vocals, good drums and bass and a competent performance.  However, the song just drifts past me and I know there is a hook in here that will make their fans excited.  Maybe it is just not for me, but it is also not a song that I can say is a bad number as it clearly has something going on.  I just wish I could make up my mind on it....  Ending the album is a song called "Death Has Nothing to Teach" and starts with an acoustic guitar performance that is very interesting indeed, it soon gives way to another classic rock song that is from another decade and the performance is once again very good.  Nothing too specular on here for me, but nothing that is bad on this one either once again and ends the album on a positive note.

Sometimes you just want a good and honest, basic metal album; it doesn't have to have all the flames exploding all of the time and it does not have to be the fastest album either.  It is not a safe option, but it is a dependable album that hits all the required spots - 'Choose Your Prison' is one of those type of albums, for me it is a well performed record that hits the spot, but it is not exactly the type of album I would normally go for.  But it is good at what it does, it is a solid record that I know will be greatly received by others and does have some good moments and more solos than is really necessary for one album.  If you like your classic rock/metal to has a retro feeling, this could be the album for you. 

7 out of ten - This is good and worth checking out.

Top track - Money Makes The Difference

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