27 August 2016

L.A. Spring - Passerby

I have actually struggled to actually write the opening paragraph to this blog, which is something of a change for me.  Mainly because the band in questions are freshly formed and there is not much out there about them, but that is bound to change I feel.  L.A. Spring are composed of James, Jamie and George and are based in London, with their music being labelled as Indie Pop.  Now I know James, we have reviewed his work before with his former project The James Rooney Band and the 'Try This At Home EP' (link to the review here) and I have been wondering what he was up to these days.  So it was good to hear that he had formed a new act and new music was coming.  This is their debut release and it is coming out on the 11th November 2016; so how is it sounding?  Well, it is a song that looks at the modern existence and how you can be surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people, but you can still feel as if everything is moving past you and it can be a little numbing on the soul as people do not have to remember you.  Sounding like a mixture of Little Comets and Vampire Weekend, it has a catchy riff and an infectious drum beat that will make it a hit wherever it is played.  Even though the subject is a bit heavy, the music is incredibly uplifting and sometimes that is what you need - a mixture of two extremes to make something brilliant.  I really like this song, it is one of the best I have heard in August 2016 and I cannot wait to hear more; please listen to it and purchase it when it comes out, you will not regret it.

4.5 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track - saying as there is only one track.... Passerby

You can stream Passerby on the L.A. Spring Soundcloud page here

You can follow the activities of L.A. Spring on Facebook here

You can also visit the L.A. Spring website here

Passerby is not being released until 11th November, so it is not on streaming services such as Deezer and also not available to purchase then either.  However, I will update this review with links once that is done.

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