14 August 2016

Enversa - Suffer/Survive

Another belated review (sorry this is becoming a pattern here at the moment, but I do need a rest every now and then) - so it is time to revisit Newcastle based alternative act Enversa.  A lot has changed for these guys since their first EP (review cleverly linked here) which we quite liked at ATTIWLTMOWOS towers.  They have been playing all over the North-East, been played on BBC Newcastle (as well as my show on NE1FM) and generally been going from strength to strength.  I actually finally got to see them live this year at the Think Tank, something I should have done a long time ago and need to do again very soon.  In March they released this EP, it was recorded at Tru Studio in County Durham and from all accounts the band have been very happy with the session; but how has it turned out?

Starting off the EP is "The Hate" and the band are on attack from the start, it is obviously that they have stepped up their game in terms of recording and the quality of the sound is a quantum leap over their first EP (which is still a good recording).  It is a great number to open the EP, I mean it is a cracking riff from the beginning which sounds like it has been carved from granite, the bass sounds deep and the drums are huge.  It is a great number to start this EP and it is followed by the title track of the EP, "Suffer/Survive".  Following on from "The Hate", it has a similar feeling with a massive riff for the audience to get lost in.  There is a moment towards the end of this song where the riff (which is loud from the beginning), increases in volume and the band sound as if they will start to shake the foundations of the room.  Vocalist Laura is the dominate force in this song, guiding the rest of the band and holding the focus of the audience - basically this song is one of the best they have produced, hands down.  Next it is "First to Fall", a re-recording of one of the tracks from the 'Enversa' EP and my favourite song from that EP.  There is not much difference from the first version, apart from the quality of the recording.  It is still a towering number, one that I want to see live one day and this version is brilliant.  Ending the EP is "Neverending (You & I) which was the song recently played on the BBC Newcastle show, it is a slower beast and it is not the most instant hit of the EP.  This is a good thing to be honest, it shows that they are considering other style of performance; yes, it does sound like Enversa and no, they have not got the acoustic guitars out (although I would love to see that one).  But it is not just about the post-grunge sound on this number, there is a little more to it and I like it a lot. 

Overall, this is a massive leap forward to their first EP.  Obviously they have grown in confidence on this EP which showcases a great bunch of songs.  With EPs it is all about impact and this one takes what they had from the first EP and build on it, creating some great songs and a new version of my favourite from the last one.  Hopefully the next time they release something, I will review it a little quicker.  It is available on Amazon and you can stream it as well, definitely one of the best Newcastle based acts going at the moment.

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track - Suffer/Survive

You can stream all four songs on the Enversa Soundcloud page here

You can stream Suffer/Survive on Spotify here

You can stream Suffer/Survive on Deezer here

You can stream Suffer/Survive on Tidal here

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