8 July 2016

SystemHouse33 - Regression

This band have been going since 2003 and are starting to gain recommendation based on their particular brand of Groove Metal - which is not a genre one would associate with India. In fact, until now, one wouldn't have associated Metal full-stop with India. This band are set to change all that. Coming from a town called Nagpur which is near Mumbai, they quickly spread their word by playing local festivals and gigs. And in 2015, they completed a European tour with US Death Metal stalwarts Six Feet Under, thus gaining more recognition. This is their fifth album and here is hoping it's the one that brings them even more success.

1) Catharsis - An ambient dark noise intro thing that blends into a blast of heavy instrumental with clean passages. Not too bad as far as those things go. Sets the mood for the Groove Metal to come.

2) Regression - And the album is off proper, and what a way to get the album under way! Sounding like the best Thrash/Groove that either the USA or Europe has to offer, Tight rhythms and some great riffs, it alternates between some fast-paced metal into a chunky groove that would get any pit going.

3) Lift This Plague - Yeah, now THIS is what I'm talking about! Awesome opening riff leading to a grinding, heavy song. Better than a lot of bands out there who fly the Groove Metal flag. Hammers home it's intent. And without notice, it moves into...

4) Namesake - This should get a nice pit going if the previous songs haven't. Sweet chugging rhythms that dissolve into some awesome thrash. The production is meticulous as well. It's the perfect production for this style of music. Again, some great riffs which range from all-out thrash-fests to tight technical riffs. Outro is an ambient noise thing.

5) Death Chamber - A flurry of drums and thudding riffs bring to mind Pantera in their heyday. But this is no mere copyism, this has taken the same formula to another level. Vocals are harsh as fuck and you can hear the conviction coming out of every word word. Slight break midway through the song - but just enough to catch your breath and then it's back to some metal of the awesome variety. This song makes me happy.

6) Detestable Idoltry - This is straight of the traps and chasing you down an alleyway before giving you a good kicking. Quite frankly, this is awesome. Some neat time-changes and guitarwork as well. Alternating between thrash and some stuttering rhythms, it's a trip and a half. A monsterous groove and swagger in the background too. Lingering outro only prolongs the heaviness, then it turns into ambient noise keyboards. Awesome stuff.

7) Pagan Breed - Groove, swagger, heavy, it's all one needs. A bit more laid back than the previous songs on this album but sometimes it is good to ease up on the pedal, even for a bit. The guitar-work is still top notch. It feels over before it's begun.

8) Malicious Mind - Swirling, technical riff which goes well with the time-changes in this song. A nice way to end the album. Nice thrash-fest towards the end too. This album has been a treat and a half, it has to be said. Here is hoping these guys come visit the UK soon...

And there ends some of the finest Groove Metal I've heard in a long time. Whilst it's true that Groove Metal may not necessarily have a lot to it, sometimes less is more, These guys are well on their way to being masters of their field, so here is hoping they can transcend to the next level. Anyone who likes their metal with plenty groove as well as thrash should enjoy this immensely. Not a thing wrong with it. It also makes for great gym music.

10/10 - This is proof there is a God.

Chris J.

Top Track: Detestable Idoltry.

This album is available on iTunes.


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