19 June 2016

Yotsuya Kaidan - Tired of Tomorrow's You EP

Yotsuya Kaidan are a band from Odessa, Ukraine who deal in Screamo (harsh hardcore with slight doom overtones).  They have been going since at least 2014 and this is their debut release, which was forwarded to me by Upwind Produzioni as this release will be receiving a vinyl release (along with another release that I will be reviewing shortly).  I cannot find out much about this band if I am honest after a search on the net, mainly at they have took their name from the most famous Japanese ghost revenge story; but I fancy reviewing something which is short and sharp as I have a few monsters to get through soon enough.

The opening song is called "High School Fights for The Ziggurat Falls" which is all about fighting and bully at a school.  Musically is has a droning quality to the guitar, which is mixed in with some fantastic swirling pit sections, pounding bass and massive drums.  It is a chaotic and cathartic number which gives the listener a sense of release and some massive hooks to become lost in for the brief few moments that it is in the world.  Mixing Black Sabbath, Blacklisters and Dillinger Escape Plan, "Feels Like Lucio Fontana's Canvas" is one of those numbers which hits you in the way the Italian based fellow screamo act Pastel hit me last year.  It is a song that represents the loss of youth, the realisation that the world is essentially fucked and that one thing is between you and the void.  It is harsh, unforgiving and off the wall, definitely one that will either make you excited or will not fit in with your musical philosophy.  The second half of this EP is started with the penultimate track "Tasmanian Tigers" which is a sub-two-minute explosion of noise much like the rest of this EP, but it is such a kick to the side of the head that it is possibly the most memorable of the four songs.  It is a sonic punch to the soul that leaves a lasting impression and leaves you wanting more for this song, it is a song comparing their current situation to the of the Tasmanian tiger and it has a powerful message; it mixes politics and metaphors well and the swirling mosh pit is starting in my head and has not stopped since I first heard it.  Ending the EP is "Stormo & Goliad" which could be the name of two characters from the cartoon series Adventure Time, it could have other meanings which are hidden to me.  What it does have is the aggressive and prolonged attacking energy that has been the calling card of this release, no prisoners are taken as the curtain does not just fall, but it is torn down upon this record and the audience is left gasping for breath.

This is a strong release, it is without compromise, remorse or even a breath for a break and it is over in under ten minutes.  The intensity of the music is something that reminds me of when I first heard Napalm Death and it was like an explosion went off in my mind; now I am not saying these guys are akin to Napalm Death, musically there are quite different.  But they share that shock and awe factor that makes this sort of music so interesting to me.  Definitely one of the act I would like to follow in the future.

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track - Tasmanian Tigers

You can follow the activities of Yotsuya Kaidan on Facebook here

You can purchase Tired of Tomorrow's You EP on the Yotsuya Kaidan's Bandcamp here

There is also a page on VK for Yotsuya Kaidan here

At the time of press, Tired of Tomorrow's You EP is not available on streaming sites

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