11 June 2016

The Breath - Antwerp

Another single submission here, one that is coming out on the 20th June 2016 on Real World Records.  The song is called "Antwerp" and it the first song from the upcoming album 'Carry Your Kin' by Manchester based band The Breath.  The band are comprised of Stuart McCallum (guitarist), Ríoghnach (pronounced REE uh nah) Connolly (vocalist), Luke Flowers (drums) and John Ellis (piano).  As it is a single review, it is not the longest one I am going to complete today; but it is an interesting one.  With a sound that has elements of soul, alternative rock, the vocal style of Portishead (Ríoghnach voice could have been placed on any Portishead song, that is a big compliment from me as Portishead are one of the most important bands I have ever heard), off the beaten track early alternative rock from the British Indie scene of the middle 90's (before everyone when grunge and only used distortion peddles - there is no distortion here) and melodic curve ball that is wrapped up in one of the most interesting songs to come my way in the last few weeks.  It is an atmospheric blend of all the above, wrapped in a string quartet, a subtle vocal delivery, a dream-pop backdrop and slowly working its way into your mind with a relentless energy.  I am looking forward to the album and cannot wait for this single to be released either.

4.5 out of five - This is good, well worth checking out

You will be able to purchase Antwerp on Amazon here once it is released.

You can follow the activities of The Breath on Facebook here

You can follow The Breath on Twitter here

At the time of writing, Antwerp is not on any streaming sites until 20th June 2016.

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