13 June 2016

The Beast Of Nod - Arrival

The Beast Of Nod are a Death Metal band from Boston, MA, USA. This is their second EP. Their Facebook Page describes them as a "intergalactic death metal band with technical, old-school and progressive elements". They also have a Band Website too which doesn't have too much on there compared to the FB page, but I guess that may change. At the time of review, they're looking for a second guitarist if anyone is up for it. Their previous EP was called "Enter The Land Of Nod", which seems a peculiar album title as "The Land Of Nod" in the UK is generally meant as a term for going to sleep. Has Death Metal ever sent me to sleep? It did when it was played by (*cut on legal advice*). As to what these guys sound like - I've listened to bits here and there and first impressions are that there was a distinctive old-school vibe, kind of like old-school Morbid Angel. Let's have a proper listen.

1) The Beast Awakens - Opening with some dexterous guitar flourishes, it then proceeds to a fast passage before going to a slow crunch. Things pick up towards the end and just like my first time with a woman, it's over before it had begun but it still ruled! This was also an instrumental and a tasty way to open the EP with.

2) Cephalopod Of Doom - Sweep picking intro. Dammit, I never could do that! Sounds fucking awesome though, then we go into slow-crunch. Vocals are on this one and they are from the Corpsegrinder Fisher school of "ferocious as fuck but you can still hear the words clearly". More sweep-picking which is cool. So far, we've got a guitar players Death Metal band. Whilst it's fine to just put the pedal to the metal, sometimes a situation requires a bit more and little flourishes like this are what does it. The natural harmonics are cool too!

3) When A Meganeura Flies - I've no idea what one of those is. A quick scan of Google shows that apparently, it's the ancestor of a dragonfly. As for the song, it's a Death Metal stomper with a bit of groove to it as well. Nice little mix. Some fucked up guitar work too. Sounding tight as fuck too. Yes, the groove in this song would make for a good pit or head-bang at the live show. Lively solo towards the end. Groove-tastic song.

4) Ascension  - A slow, brooding monster that crawls it's way across the land. Killng everything it sees. This one is another good song. Very chuggy with another great solo. The main riff in this one is very chuggy, as has been mentioned, but there are some nice fills and melodies. It's a bit contrasting in comparison to the other songs but variety, I guess.

5) Hyperanal Haemorraging - Sounnds painful. Mind...we go from a screaming, raging intro into a groove-fuelled verse! The guitar-work is top notch, from sweeps to technical rhythms. This is actually the best Death Metal I've heard in a while. Great stuff.

There we go, some excellent Death Metal. Only drawback is - it's an EP. We need a full-on album as soon as possible! Seriously, it would be excellent to hear more of this band as I reckon the potential is there for this band to make a full-on assault on the Death Metal world and conquer it with no quarter given. Brutal, fast and with grooves to die for plus some competent guitar playing, what's not to like?

5/5 - I wish I had extra ears to love this more.

Chris J.

Top Track: When A Meganeura Flies.

This album is available on iTunes.


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