2 June 2016

Partners In Kryme - Turtle Power!

Bonus blog for you all - a song from the first Ninja Turtles movie! I did this blog as there was a new TMNT movie released a couple of days ago, the sequel to the one that came out in 2014. Whilst it was a good attempt to relaunch the franchise, the fact that it was covered in the Stench Of Bay didn't go down well. It's not the over-reliance on SFX or rampant product placement that make me dislike his films but rather that the stories always seem to focus on the characters we couldn't care about. But anyhow, that's the movie. We're here for the music.

My original plan was to blog the "Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour" album which was from a live show tour from about 1990, when the TMNT franchise was at the height of it's power. But trust me, it's awful and I couldn't sit through the fucker - although owners of the Megadrive/Genesis game "TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist" may recognise the song 'Pizza Power' as that's the song that played when you clocked the game.

As mentioned, "Turtle Power" was a song from the first TMNT movie in 1990 and went to Number One in the UK for four weeks. As mentioned, the TMNT franchise was at it's height and the green fuckers were everywhere. I had a copy of this song on tape (remember those?) as purchased from Woolworths! It would be played pretty much all the time. The film was a fucking blast too, totally different tone from the cartoon, based more on the original comics which had a darker and more mature vein running through them. Plus the turtles had uniforms of RED bandanna's rather than the colour coded them from the cartoon. Anyway, how does the song sound in 2016?

Well...it does bring back a lot of childhood memories, but the song is pretty cheesy by today's standards. The music and production are dated, as one would expect given that the technology involved has moved on considerably. The rapping is cheesy too - and it erroneously has Raphael named as the leader instead of Leonardo - but then again, it's aimed at kids so we're hardly gonna have anything sounding like "Straight Outta Compton" here, are we? I guess some things are best left in the past...mind, Partners In Kryme have released a new song called 'Rock The Halfshell' - it's a bit more modern than this production-wise although the raps are just as cheesy and kid-friendly. It also samples The Clash quite heavily. But yeah, "Turtle Power!" isn't so good these days...

2 - Not bad, not good, so average it is zen.

Chris J.

This song is available on iTunes under various compilations.

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