11 June 2016

Nowhere - Follow

This review is looking at Nowhere, the name of this project by Brooklyn based artist Andrea Caccese.  Having played around Europe in acts such as I Used to Be a Sparrow and Feed Me to The Waves, Mr Caccese relocated across the pond and find his new style & voice.  The result is Nowhere and this is the debut release, a two track single (or EP, but I lean towards single to be honest) which you can purchase on a 'pay what you want' system on the Nowhere Bandcamp page.  The cover is a bleak ocean view, the waves crashing in black & white with grey toning the picture in an atmosphere of calm & sadness.  It looks apprehensive, is the music similar to the image?

"Follow" automatically reminds me of the work of Jonah Matranga, Joshua Radin and Josh Woodward (there are a lot of artists with a forename that starts with the letter J in that list), mixing a rising drone and the acoustic strumming of Nowhere and the atmosphere is close and sort of comforting in a way.  It is a low song that takes a few spins to sink in, it is not the most immediate song for me, but it is one that grows on you and it works so well that you cannot help but hit repeat.  "Gone" for me is actually the better of the two song, it has an extra spark mixed into the song about heartache and loss when a loved one is no longer in your life.  It reminds me of a stripped back Moonbabies jamming out with Benjamin Francis Leftwich, it is a tad short for my tastes (same as "Follow" if the truth be told) and this heartbreaker of a song could have been extended slightly for me.

Both songs show potential, it is obvious that Nowhere is a project that has a lot of talent that I am sure will create a lot of beautiful music.  It is the briefest of introductions, as I pointed out on "Gone" both songs could have been a little longer; but overall the positives of the songs out weigh the length of the songs, I cannot wait to hear more from this project.

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track - Gone

You can purchase Follow from the Nowhere Bandcamp page here

You can follow the activities of Nowhere on Facebook here

You can visit the Andrea Caccese website here

At the time of writing, Follow was not available on streaming sites.

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