30 June 2016

Entombed A.D - Dead Dawn

Well, this could escalate VERY quickly...basically, it's not Entombed (as in the excellent Swedish Death Metal band who aside from combining Thrash, Death and Punk to their music, also added Hard Rock to create the quite frankly fucking stupid name of DEATH 'N' ROLL but it's stuck now, so just go with it...) but rather Entombed A.D - an offshoot, for want of a better way of putting it. According to an interview on a website called Blabbermouth.net, there was some issues between then-Entombed vocalist L.G Petrov and guitarist Alex Hellid  which resulted in L.G quitting the band (and taking the drummer, bassist and other guitarist with him) and forming a new project. The band was named Entombed A.D in order to avoid any legal confrontations. Kind of similar to what's happening with Venom and Venom INC where you have two different line-ups for what is essentially the same band. Things get a bit confusing as the Entombed wiki page reckons they're still going but Entombed A.D page reckons Entombed have split up. Either way, I hope things work out for all parties so we can have some great music all round. "Dead Dawn" is the second Entombed A.D album, released this year. Early indications are that...not much has really changed. The band are still peddling their brand of DEATH 'N' ROLL which sounds very much like the old band, even down to the 'buzzsaw guitars' production, which was usually a result of recording in Sunlight Studios who are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

My first Entombed album was 1997's 'To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth'. It was purchased after hearing a track known as 'Lights Out' on a free CD from a magazine called Metal Hammer. It was a decent track, and a decent album. Soon, I was a convert and I think the crowning achievement was getting the DJ of a rock club I used to frequent to play 'Stranger Aeons' one time we were there! Still, that was a long time ago so we're gonna get right back to the present with this new album. Here goes...

1) Midas In Reverse - A song about the England Football Team at the minute? I doubt it but I felt the need to get the dig into those underachieving fucks due to their shitty performance at Euro 2016. Unlike the England Football Team, it starts off brilliantly and with full intent. Guitars going 1000 miles an hour whilst the drums get some solid beats down. It sounds like it has more to do with crust punk than Death Metal, but this is essentially elements from both genres in their purest form. It's great, gets to the point and leaves it's mark. Unlike a cross from Raheem Sterling.

2) Dead Dawn - Galloping, headbanging thing! Coming in just as strong as the first track, this should get things going in a live setting. Brought back memories of 'Sinners Bleed' from the 'Clandestine' album. Even down to the slow, crawling sections that are in this song. Again, another excellent piece of tunage for this album.

3) Down To Mars To Ride has one of those doomy acoustic intros which gives way to thunderous powerchords and...we're off! A mid-paced, solid thumping motherfucking supreme slice of metal that sounds like Motorhead during their more 'metal' moments. This could be a full-on drinking and partying anthem, which is what metal should be about. Yeah, the political stuff has a place too, but for now, pass me the ale and stand well back...

4) As The World Fell - Slowing the pace down just a bit, this song has a sinister lurch to it. Well, it cannot all be about 1000 miles an hour speed blasts. It would be nice if it were but then things run the risk of getting boring.

5) Total Death - Hell YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH, the fast is back! Striding the Death Metal and crust punk universes like an angry Swedish colossus that - for once - isn't called Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this lets rip with unbridled fury! Again, some excellent stuff.

6) The Winner Has Lost - Another galloping opener, this maintains the brutality that has been out in force on this album. Windmill headbanging would be an appropriate thing to do during this song. This is some quality stuff. Not gonna be to everyone's taste, of course. I'd say that we're at a point in the album to say that anyone expecting something left-field and avant-garde is more than likely not going to enjoy this album. This is straight-forward meat-and-potatoes Metal.

7) Silent Assassin - Ha, this track is anything but silent! It's another blast of the crust punk Death Metal that has been ruling this album with an iron fist! Cracking solo towards the end as well as a down-shift in pace before resuming a fast one.

8) Hubris Fall - Slows down to an almost doom-like crawl. Tries to get some atmosphere going with some creepy vocals but this one doesn't land as well as the others.

9) Black Survival - Teasing us with a slow intro, it sharp punches us then goes running into the distance! The crust punk influences are strong on this one. At least we've kept the rock 'n' roll influence small on this one.

10) Not What It Seems - You got that right. One gets the impression this is going to be a long acoustic intro before it cuts into heavy electrics again. This track is a curious one. Seems to have a slow, lurching pace about it without being too doomy. It's not too bad, although we've had better. Mind, this isn't the worst track on here. In fact, there are no crap songs on here, which is good. Obviously.

Like a good meal,  I found this album incredibly satisfying. It pretty much fulfiled all expactations and there were no surprises, if we're honest. By looking at the artwork, you can pretty much tell what you're going to get. Fans of Entombed should love it as it's got all the familiar traits of said band, so it's great to hear those once again. Newcomers might like it too - as mentioned, we're not going to get anything vaguely original here, but it is hat it is which is a prime slice of metal. Check out - or BLEED LIKE SINNERS BLEED!!!

8/10 - Oh now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart.

Chris J.

Top Track: Dead Dawn.

This album is available on iTunes.


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