28 May 2016

Worship of Keres - Bloodhounds of Oblivion EP

It is strange to be reviewing a release from a line-up of a band that no longer exists, especially when it is the first time that you have been introduced to a band.  The band in question are Worship of Keres, a band from Central Valley/Bay Area in California who have been going since 2015 according to their Facebook page.  The band line-up on this EP contains Matthew Woods Wilhoit (lead guitar), Elise Tarens (vocals), Mike Riot (rhythm guitar), Robert Lander (bass), and Trevor William Church (drums). They are described in the press release (and I am quoting here) This band was born out of the sinister imagination coupled with the chaotic life experiences of Matthew, striving to spread their long shadows of music into the farthest and darkest corners of the world.  Basically, the band are a doom metal band and want to spread the darkness across the world.  A brief read of the interlink and I can already see that this EP is gathering a little momentum behind it and the band are getting good traction.  Now, as I said the line-up which recorded this EP is already no more as vocalist Elise Tarens is no longer with the band, the band themselves are already looking for a new vocalist and preparing for another EP; but what about this EP?  How has this little three track gem (which has two different covers – the one above and a new one which is below this sentence), how is this little book of worship?

Starting the EP is “Book 1” which unleashes a doom storm that could level a small city; from the very beginning it whips up a rumbling sonic wave that cracks into life and it makes a sound that is one of the heaviest things I have heard this year.  It is a strong song, it is slow and methodical with a great hook and sublime vocals.  It is one of those numbers that gives an instant fix that will impress even the most casual metal head, it is not just one for the Doom fan only and it is well worth investigating this EP just for the first song alone.  The second track is called “Book 2” and I am sensing a theme to the naming of these tracks on the EP, but there is also a theme happening with the music and it is a good one.  It is another deep rumbling song, heavy as a truck hitting through a solid wall and destined to break glass and shatter minds everywhere.  It has a deep groove with that rumbling bass line that anchors everything, it is incredibly harsh and it sound spectacular.  Ending the EP is the final track, which I am sure you have guessed is called “Book 3”.  This song is in no hurry to come out of the blocks, it is on the sludge end of doom and my deity does it deliver the goods.  It just rolls over you with a powerful riff, drums like thunder and vocals that add a slice of calm in the storm for the metal to flow around.  The solo is in the middle of the song is spot on as well, ending this EP on high peak.

I usually have high standards when it comes to Doom Metal – Electric Wizard, Jucifer, the original Black Sabbath line up, Kylesa, Cathedral, Electric Wizard, anything to do with Wino (especially Shrinebuilder); this is up there with those acts already with just three songs.  As an introduction to band, this is a massive release in 2016.  Musically, it is one of the heaviest pieces of Doom I have heard in 2016 and makes me hungry for more.  Whilst I have picked “Book 2” as the best track, all three tracks are equally awesome and deserve to be played as loud as possible. I really hope that they can find a new singer soon and release some more music, three songs just does not seem enough and I cannot wait till they come back with their sophomore release; doom has a new suitor for the throne.

4.5 out of five – This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track – Book 2

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