29 May 2016

Rudra Bhakti by Drought

This is a strange one for me, and somewhat out of my comfort zone. That's what I thought when I first listened to this EP, and that's kind of what I think now.

Suryanamaskara (entering the gate of the raging sun) is the first track, a slow instrumental, rattles, bells and what sounds like slow chanting. It becomes more complex as the track, then slowly fades out before leaping into Fire Breating (Urdva Kundali arise). This track lacks any of the subtlety of the first, an assault to the ears and, haters gonna hate, but it's very generic. At least the first track sounded original.

Reveal the Unlight (Sudden awareness) is a bit slower, and it sounds like the lead vocalist is trying his best Ozzy impersonation. Not for long though as the track picks up the pace. Again, not bad, just a bit hum drum, and after such a promising start too.

Collapse of Maya (Transfiguration of the Warrior) has a quieter beginning, soft guitar work, aiming for the spooky and desolate vibe. It works too, then the lyrics kick in for a couple of minutes. Same old, same old. More instrumental , then back to the lyrics, and by now, er are only have way through the song. Yeah, twelve minutes for this one, and already it's coming across as a bit of a slog. Fortunately, the last four minutes returns to the theme of the first track, which I go get the idea of. Sadly, it's the bits in between this and Suryanamaskara that don't work for me. Disappointing.

So, overall, a 1, moving to a 2 out of five.

My favourite track, well, it has to be Suryanamaskara.

You can buy the album via Bandcamp here.

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