15 May 2016

Deathtale - Whole World Burns

When you think of Austria and music, usually the composings of various classical, chamber music and baroque stylings of the likes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johan Strauss II and even Ludwig Van Beethoven (who'd moved to Austria when he was 21). I dare say you may even recall the 80's pop rock  of Falco, an Austrian singer and musician whose biggest hit was 'Rock Me Amadeus'. All good stuff. With regards to rock and metal, Belphegor are out there as are, erm Opus, who did that 'Live Is Life' song that Laibach did a superior cover of. This brings us to Deathtale, whose Wiki page (after a spot of Google Translate as I couldn't find an English one) advises us that they are a thrash band who've been going since 2008 with a few personnel changes along the way. Initially called Demolition: Reloaded (the majority of founding members had previously been in a band called Demolition), they recorded a couple of albums, the second one of which I am about to blog now. Early indications are that it looks very much like my pint of ale. Don't worry, I'll try not to turn this blog into a love-letter like I did the Discharge one! It's likely to be a short blog as I cannot find too much in English about this band and Google Translator doesn't  help too much. So,is this going to be a toxic waltz or a toxic dump? Only one way to find out...

1) The Fallen - Well, isn't this lovely. Opening up with what sounds like an orchestra which features atypical thrash punctuations that eventually become the song proper. Vocals sound raw as fuck. Musically it seems like typical thrash but with more guitar dexterity, definitely a classical guitar influence in there, sounding almost orchestral, which should keep the shredders out there happy. This is a strong song.

2) Flesh For Sale - A furious thrasher, not so many classical influences in this one as it is just a straightforward exercise. Still a ripper of a song which should get a few heads banging and a few pits going.

3) From Hell - Certainly sounds like it with it's grinding intro that becomes another example of some competent thrash. Good solo and song to boot. Very frantic.

4) Everything Changes - Brooding intro, bursts of guitar with throbbing bass. Mid paced but still plenty staccato riffs. Classical flourishes make a slight return. Vocals even more harsh. This song seems to be going for a more soulful feel - in the sense of subject matter, not musically. This song ends with the aforementioned classical flourishes. Seems to be a theme here...

5) Before Blood Flows - After the last song, this makes a return to a more thrashier style. It's certainly a welcome return. Pretty much following the format of the first three songs with some slight changes to the vocals. The outro is classical guitars which sounds nice.

6) Death Machine - For a song with a name like that, opening with a clean passage is a surprise. This then turns into the thrash we've became accustomed to by now. The intro reminded me of early Megadeth. Some haunting melodies in this but FOR FUCKS SAKE with the clean outro! AGAIN! Now I know how myold band felt once I perfected pinch-harmonics...

7) Whole World Burns - The title track and it's every bit as ferocious as you'd expect, although I am expecting a clean outro. Sounds a bit NWOBHM with it's twin-guitar intro. Some tight guitar-work throughout, which has definitely been one of the highlights of this album. No clean outro. But it'll be back, and in greater numbers...

8) Phoenix Theory - Quite a chuggy, bouncy one which then turns into another thrashy number. As before, some great guitar work and raw vocals.

9) Warpath - They're not holding back on this one! Faster thrash than before, it's certainly going to get a good circle pit going.

10) Into The abyss - Sounds like sex with my ex. Nah, only kidding. Another thrasher with some good solos. To be honest, it's pretty much like the majority of the songs on the album. Neither bad nor particularly striking.

11) Silent Eulogy - Well, this nice. Instrumental with clean stuff in there, sounds like something Iron Maiden would do as the basis for a song before going all heavy towards the end. The clean outro makes a welcome return.

12) From Hell (German version) - Same as before but with the vocals being sung in German.

Well, that was decent enough. Although I could hear a bit of early-Megadeth in there (namely in the guitar melodies), this wasn't a total blast from the past. There definitely seemed to be enough in there to keep thrashers happy, and maybe even people who wouldn't usually listen to that stuff. Kudos to the guitarists who managed to come up with some great riffs and solos. The only problem I found was that it all got a bit samey towards the end with perhaps a bit too much filler, not enough killer songs. The one thing I will mention is that at least it didn't sound TOO derivative, like those bands who formed the nucleus of the retro-thrash movement of the 00's. Whilst I may not go out of my way to get the album, I'd certainly go take in one of their shows.

7/10- This is good and well worth a check.

Chris J.

Top Track: Warpath.

This album is available on iTunes.

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