15 May 2016

Clawhammer Abortion - Slaughter Campaign

These look promising. Indeed, the little grindcore kid within me is salivating at the thought of having to review a band with a name like theirs. Coming straight from the dodgy names school of death metal and grindcore, with such alumni as Anal Cunt, The Meatshits, Cock And Ball Torture and a fuckiing shit-ton of others, where an eye-catching name is a must if you wish to get noticed. This looks like it's ready to shock and delight in equal measure. Reading their band-camp page (I couldn't find an official website), they bill themselves as Arizona's number 1 metal band with influences from late 80's Earache Records roster to the buzzy Swedish stuff (probably referring to any Swedish Death Metal album recorded at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm). Let's get this show on the road...

1) Slaughter Campaign - Sounds of gunfire open the song as well as a clean guitar passage. Drums start a swell and then the guitars kick in. The production job sounds very lo-fi, giving the impression that the album was recorded in someone's basement on a tape-recorder that was purchased from a car-boot sale in 1982. But don't worry, the best grindcore usually sounds like that anyway. Anyhow, it's a fast as fuck opener which sounds awesome! Vocals sound like you'd expect. Vomiting blood. Nice start to things.

2) You Must Burn - Here, man, tell me when you're gonna start a new song! Another brutal slice of Death Metal and grind, I now feel like I'm having a few ales with God himself. In all seriousness, this is pretty good stuff. It really does hark back to the old days where grind was just straight-ahead madness. Sure, it's good to add something new to the formula otherwise it'll stagnate and become boring but on the other hand, it's good to just stick to the basics. As the old saying goes, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

3) Cannibalized - Messy noise intro with pounding drums. Sludgy beginnings for sure, but then things pick up a bit. It doesn't go too far from mid-paced but that's ok. It's a good song.

4) Illusion Of Significance - Back to the mayhem! Sounding like early Napalm Death before they started including everything but the kitchen sink in their music, this is a fucking harsh song, Mid-paced in the middle, it's quite the contrast. It sharp gets fast again and manages to burn it's way to the finish line. Some great stuff.

5) To Worship In Vain - We've got another slow intro which turns into another cyclone of grindcore. Things then slow down to an effective mid-paced assault which creates a bit of atmosphere. Hypnotic main riff too. Very, very good.

6) Ritualistic Insemination - Sounds like sex with my ex. Ok, I'll stop using that joke now. This is another rager which seems to start off fast and may either keep going fast or turn mid-paced. The production makes it hard to tell. I think it goes mid-paced at one point then it picks up fast. It's another great one on here.

7) Acidification - Thudding bass intro which hints at awesome things to come. Scatter-gun opening. But wait, we go sludgy. Seems to quickly alternate between both mid-paced and sludge before going into fast. Quite a multi-faceted song which is awesome!

8) Giving Up - If the previous song alternated between sludge and mid paced, this alternates between fast and sludge! Venom tried that with 'Long Haired Punks' but this song is miles better. Tends to spend a bit more time with the sludge but that's not a bother.

To be honest, that was fucking tremendous! The best twenty five minutes I've had where I've kept my clothes on. Grind done in the old-school way! Hopefully, we'll get to see more of these guys soon. This album is probably not going to be for everybody as grindcore is a genre which is not everybody's cup of blood but fans of the genre should love it. I can recommend this to anyone. Downers? Probably the production as it's a bit lo-fi even for grind standards, but it's not too problematic. Anyway - BUY THIS ALBUM, BITCHES!!!

9 - Almost perfect...almost.

Chris J.

Top Track - You Must Burn.

Bootcamp Page

I couldn't find an Amazon page for these guys (oddly, the search results came up with actual claw hammers, abortion clinics and...banjos. Seriously) but this album is available on iTunes.

(Cannnot find a newer song but here's an old one)

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