30 May 2016

Babymetal - Metal Resistance

Link 1: Blabbermouth announcing the release of Metal Resistance.

So a lot of links there.

The reason for that is the paucity of cohesive info from Wikipedia.
Yes I'm lazy and tend to get my main info from there for dates and names and albums etc.
I also check reviews both by well-known mags and by bloggers and podcasts.

There is some basic info-names-ages (which are somewhat worryingly young) and the reason for the formation of the group.
But it appears that what could have been seen as a gimmick -is now a movement of sorts - cute metal. 
I think it needed to be done.

The music industry - particularly the rock/metal side - is absolutely and unnecessarily saturated with men. Usually the women are scantily clad and featuring in an overly elaborate video as an objectified obsession, or the cause of pain and suffering.

But these young lasses are headlining and the music is outstanding! They have amazing voices -in tune even when live-and an extremely hard work ethic for some so young. The element of choreography adds something...the showmanship and sheer force of professionalism and creativity is admirable and it's important - it's new and it works.

Reading the reviews and listening to various podcasts and YouTube videos gave rise to some interesting debates. Namely the 'lone man of metal' ranting about how the band have 'cheapened metal'. That they’re ’just a formulated-manufactured j-pop combo'.

Good grief -  bands over the years have been manufactured -or have manufactured themselves - to meet popular demand.
They've been there at the right time with the right stuff, yet often wishing to distance themselves from a genre and prove their authenticity i.e. Nu Metal.

Babymetal haven't done that - they haven't needed to - they have unapologetically placed themselves front and centre with their own thing.

And their thing appears to be beautiful.

Melodic vocals and fast technical and emotionally gripping guitar solos. Traditional pieces of classical sounding music combined with alternately Black Sabbath, Korn and Dream Theatre esque riffs.

It's cute, it’s funny, its sweet singing and harsh screaming and mad growling. Its heavy head banging, goose bumps inducing drama. Dance dubstep is used fantastically - it's layered and integrated and energising.
It's enjoyable it makes me smile to hear it.
Give it a listen - you'll not regret it.

10 out of 10 – This is proof that there is a God

Favourite Track: Karate -funky metal as fuck with awesome routine and sass.

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