17 March 2016

Waste Pipes - Fake Mistake

Eddie asked me to review this album by the Italian Hard Rock band, Waste Pipes last week and I courteously agreed. I’d never heard of the band before and it’s always nice to hear something new. Whether or not I’d like it is a different matter but half the fun’s in the finding out!

The band themselves have apparently been on the local scene in Turin, Italy since 2003 and Fake Mistake is their third album. It’s pretty short, with nine songs in just over half an hour. There’s a fair amount of variety throughout those songs but enough of a sense of identity that they sound cohesive. The production is clean and clear and simple and gives the album a retro, Seventies’s feel.

Headstrong is the opening track and the driving beat to this song is almost disco in nature, though the chorus is pure Hard Rock. The next song is Fire Below and, despite being about driving very fast, is quite a mid-paced song. It has a strong chorus and the vocalist, known only as Chris apparently, gets to show off his Robert Plant-esque, slightly nasal vocals. His Italian accent comes out quite a lot too but that adds to the bands charm rather than detracting from it. 
The third song is the single Stay The Night and it takes a massive leap forward, quality-wise. Headstrong and Fire Below were pretty good but everything clicks on Stay The Night, it’s an excellent Pop Rock song. The verses are instantly engaging and the chorus memorable. The little guitar intro bit was irritating me as it reminded me of a Queen song and it took me ages to figure it out which one. If you’re bothered it was Breakthru.

The Loser Song breaks one of my many petty and irrational rules regarding music. I hate songs with a “The ____ Song” in the title. I have no real reason for this hatred, other than both words are unnecessary, just call it, in this case, Loser. Anyway, the song itself is decent; a quietish verse, a storming chorus and some Status Quo style boogie riffing pops up occasionally too, which is nice.
Chaos offers some reprieve with a gentle, jangling intro and verse that gives way to a blasting chorus. The vocals are impressive on this song too, almost Power Metal wailing.  For All The Time We Waste is another single, it’s a short, sharp blast of catchy Garage Rock. It sounds enjoyable enough but isn’t particularly memorable.  
Not Enough, like Chaos, begins as a soft ballad but halfway through the first verse a staccato guitar riff that sounds like a mix of Kashmir and More Than A Feeling appears out of nowhere and we’re back into Classic Rock territory. It’s perhaps not as instant as Stay The Night but it’s just as good a song.

L-R: Guarro (guitar), Lava (bass), Chris (vocals), Kina (guitar) and Boe (drums)
Little Devils Scratched My Ears is everything that For All The Time We Waste should have been; it’s just as short and rocking but has much more attitude and bite. There’s a nice rolling riff all the way through it too.  The final song is another slower song, Bad Growing that picks up pace as it progresses. It’s a good song to end with, although there seems to be a snippet of another song tagged on the end. I don’t know if it’s an old song or a new song or part of Bad Growing, Odd.

So yeah, Fake Mistake was, on the whole, a pleasant surprise. A couple of songs could stand to be improved and the album would be better served with two or three more songs as nine, fairly short songs is more of an EP than an album to my mind. I’d definitely like to hear more by the band though.

6 out of 10 - Now I see where you were going but not quite there

Best Track: Stay The Night

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