5 March 2016

Sleeplust - My Place

Quick one before heading to the land of nod - a few weeks ago I received an email asking to look at a new single by an up and coming dream pop/electronic indie from the West Coast of America.  The email mentioned things such as 'soon to be featured on the E! Network and MTV' and to be honest I think I switched off.  Not to be little anything the band have done (well done to them on getting to have their music played), but when that is in a press release it makes me wonder if people have actually checked out this blog before - it is the sort of place where Frank Zappa, Sleaford Mods and Napalm Death rub shoulders without causing much attention and it is not exactly the land of MTV and other things such as that.  But then I started to feel bad for judging a band just on their press release, it is only on their musical output that I should judge a band and that is what I am going to do here......

"My Place" is a song about love and the early stages of a relationship by the sounds of it.  Dream pop is an accrete description of this music and it reminds me of M83 and the vocals of Meghan Tartamella actually give the musical output from Michael & Joseph Pepe together with David Pinder a summer feeling that makes the night sound as if there is excitement in every corner of the room.  As a single, it should hopefully get them some attention and whilst it is not smashing down my door to get attention, it is also not doing anything wrong at all.  If you are wanting something along the lines of Yeasayer, M83 and Foster the People, then this might be the next band to make you want to hit the dance floor and will probably appear in an episode of Made in Chelsea (UK relativity TV show).  I will hopefully (if time lets me) have at their self-titled EP which they released last year and I do wish them well; it is a good song which hints at good things to come.

3.5 out of five - Decent, getting there

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