9 March 2016

Moth's Circle Flight - My Entropy

Moth's Circle Flight are a band, I must admit, that I had never heard of when Eddie asked me to review their latest album. Having given it a good listen, I will be following their music in future.

My Entropy consists of ten tracks that in turn dazzle, deafen and dominate your hearing, and demonstrate how good a band they are.

"Man on a Peak" has a basic shreaky guitar intro before smashing into an energetic, head battering track that hits all the right beats whilst keeping a little delicacy in the backing vocals (which only pop in hear and there, giving no chance of a let up). The song is a dramatic statement for the album and certainly grabs your attention.

"Ends of a Shadow" has a similarly quiet start, for about ten seconds anyway, and then we are off again with heavy, staccato lyrics, punched in with guitar and drums with style. The chorus lifts the song further, with contrasting vocal styles and a more melodious tune. That's quickly over and we are back into the song proper. It really is the contrast between the verses and the chorus that make this a rollicking track. The guitar solo is also well placed.

"Raise you Head" hits you with a heady drumbeat and accompanying guitar, and then hits with another contrasting vocal set and chorus. It's the most lyrical sounding song of the album so far but still manages to pack in the key changes that keep you on a roller coaster ride. It slows down, deep chords punctuating the track, then it's up and away again.

"Late Promises" has a good bass start, lighter than the previous three tracks. Don't worry though, the guitars kick in and the tone darkens, smashing into a slower section and then back again. This contrast keeps the track from becoming staid and it works well. It does get a tad too shouty in the middle, just before the guitar solo, and again up to the three minute mark, before dropping into a dreamy, subdued section, as if submerged, then knocks it out of the park into the a crescendo of a finale.

"An Old Chant" begins like a soft rock ballad from the 80's, all gentle lyrics, delicately sang. In asking us not to be afraid, they are lulling us as the song proper begins, all heavy guitar shreds and this really wakes you up. The rest of the song follows a similar pattern as the earlier tracks, the chorus anchoring the tone which slows again just past the mid-way point as it sounds we are listening to a Vincent Price voice over. Weird, possibly, effective, yes.

"Write My Name" is a harsh, dominating track that grabs you from the start and doesn't let go. Not much I can add, it just kinda batters you into submission.

"With Love, With Flames" starts like another soft rock ballad, but as you can tell, twenty seconds in, we know that's not the style. The backing lyrics do sound a little "Dalek" to begin with, but then join in and almost overpower the lead, almost chanting the words like a Gregorian monk. Still, it's a good track.

"Bursting into Existence" starts with drums, then guitars, gaining in tempo until eventually, at the 40 second mark, the signing joins in. The guitar work is the star in this song, bookending the lyrics, and giving the sense that they are controlling the song. The tone change after a minute forty makes the song for me. This is my favourite track just for that. Again, the contrast in the tone of the singing lifts the track and works very effectively.

"Madball" is another punch in the face song, holding your attention from the get go and having fun whilst laughing at you. Again, we have the contrasting lilting lyrics, before closing the back end with a nice guitar piece.

"Ray of Ira" had discordant guitars work to get you into the more typical style, head battering noise that come close to overwhelming. Half way through though, we get a completely different, almost acoustic section than softens the ears prior to a scream that kicks you back into the meat of the song. 

So, what to make of it? Well, I liked the album a lot, even if I did need a rest afterwards, so I am going to give this album a 7 - This is good and well worth a check. 

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