19 March 2016

Kovax - Godot

It seems that sometimes when you post one blog, more bands come to your attention.  Today I am review the debut single from Alternative Rock mob Kovax.  Formed in 2015 with a heavy influence from Deftones & Bring Me The Horizon.  This was produced with Harry Scott of Treason Kings and mastered by Bob Cooper.  I really do not have much more to add to this, so how does it sound?

“Godot” kicks off this single with a down tuned riff that will immediately appeal to fans of Far, Deftones and Quicksand.  The post-hardcore noise that the band play is wrapped around a set of pissed off lyrics, kicking out at people, demanding answers to questions and resolution to where people are currently located.  It starts off with a bang and slows down as the song progresses towards it eventual conclusion, it is a strong introduction to the band and perks the interest.  “Marigolds” for some reason confuses me – mainly because I am not sure if they are shouting about the washing up gloves or the flowers (I know, must be my advance age).  What does not confuse me is the sound which is akin to the likes of alexisonfire, it has that additional level of emotion to the sound and lyrics that will make this an emotive anthem to their fan-base.  It is actually the stronger of the two tracks overall, it just seems to have a little bit more going to it – even if I was being silly at the beginning.

As a two track introduction to Kovax, this does make me curious as to how they would sound live and want to hear further songs by the band.  The songs are both very good and do not outstay their welcome.  The only thing for me is that the order is the wrong way round, but that is a personal thing and does not detract from the fact that both songs are fantastic.

4 out of five - This is really good, worth checking out.

Top track - Marigolds

You can download this for free here

At the moment, the single is not on Amazon, iTunes, etc; however it is a free download as shown above. You can contact the band on their Facebook page here.

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