5 March 2016

Freedumb - Feed The Tapeworm

Welcome to another request review! I am slowly but surely catching up with the backlog and now it is time to look at Freedumb.  Freedumb hail from the dirty eastern corner of Norway called Østfold and according to their press release, they specialise in delivering intense punk rock / hardcore. They have been going since 2003 (as they state that they did two gigs in 2013 to celebrate their tenth anniversary) and this is their second record.  Until they got in touch, they were not on my radar and probably would have stayed that way; however the cover for this album is sort of cool and it is time to listen to some hardcore for the first time in far too long - let's see how this has turned out.... 

The album begins with "Gimme A Break" which starts off with a slow and bruising riff that is held together with a pounding bass line, thunderous drums and a whirl-wind, pit educing verse/chorus section that would start a fight going in an empty room.  It comes, it explodes and then it is out of the door without so much as a bye or leave, job well done for opening the album.  "Husets Vin" keeps up a similar sound for the band, slower chorus coupled which manic verses, sing along chants, explosive riffs and a slight metal tone to the song on this one.  It does what it says on the tin really, you want a good hardcore metal song that is under two minutes long - this could be the new song that you have been looking for.  "Squaremakers" starts with acoustic guitars and talks about bunnies.... only kidding their folks - it is another blistering tune that smashes into you sideways, discusses the sad state of humanity and it makes the world an incredibly interesting place for the two minutes and twenty one seconds that it is in the world.  It is one of the shining gems on this album, it has a great hook and it sounds immense.

"Haters" takes the sound back a notch in terms of pace, but not in terms of intensity or passion.  It is all about the hatred in the world and how love can wait till it is all out of the way.  The slower pace hardcore song is a tried and tested tune, this is just as good as anything I have heard from the genre in years and it does not lose any of its power or ferocity with repeated listens and that is another good sign for this album. Starting with a military beat "Like Flott" which has a Pennywise vibe going on when the song gets going.  It is flat out, adrenaline pumping hardcore that makes the hairs on your neck stand up and you really start to pay attention as the song goes on.  It just bounces along with such a smash-mouth style that it is hard not to be smiling by the time it comes to an end - well worth investigating.  "Teitingene" is another smash 'n' grab, sub two minute anthem for the disenchanted youth to bounce around to.  It is another powerful combination of explosive riffs, thunderous drumming and flat out evil bass playing - whilst it is not anything I have not heard before, it is also just flat out fun/aggression releasing as well. 

"Ett Bilde" is the seventh song on this album and you are in for another short, sharp, shock to the system here.  It is manic for the opening notes, it keeps getting faster and it does not stop for anything.  If you are not smiling by the end of this song, you are probably dead to be honest.  For the one and a bit that it is in the world, everything is fun and you cannot ask for more with this type of tune.  "Flatlining" picks up the gauntlet from "Ett Bilde" and is delivers one of the finest moments of this album.  From beginning to end, it is one of the best songs of the album with a momentum that has been building up to this throughout the album; it is another anthemic hardcore number and it dominates the album with its sheer force of will that could bring down walls, governments and barriers where ever it is heard.  The penultimate song of the album is the longest one as well called "Stengte Ører" which clocks in at three minutes and forty eight seconds, it is much like "Haters" as it does not have the speed of other songs on the album.  However, much like "Haters", it does have just as much passion and drive as any other song on the album and it also grows with each listen as well.  It is such a good number that it came down to this and "Flatlining" as to song of the album, but each are just as good as the other for different reasons.  Ending the album is "Right in Front of You" and it features vocals from Karine Brække (who also appears on "Stengte Ører" and "Flatlining" as well) and they are not going out quietly here, in fact they actually take it up a notch and smash their way through the wall on this song.  It is a wonderful song, it is a strong anthem which is full on fist pumping, mosh pit forming noise that brings this album to a fitting conclusion.

This album has actually surprised me in a lot of ways, let me be honest from the start here - this is not doing anything new or different for hardcore music, but this is not saying that it is not a great album.  I love this smash and grab, snot nosed, say it as it is album that makes so much racket that you would be a fool to miss it.  It is over in just under twenty five minutes and it does not make any apologies for anything. It is one of those records which is a great surprise and well worth hunting for the more aggressive moments of your life - check it out and start grinning with a broken smile.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Top track - Flatlining

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