29 March 2016

Cold Summer - Fight To Survive EP

April the 1st is going to be a busy day for the music - there are new releases from Pet Shop Boys, Yeasayer, Weezer, Mogwai and also Cold Summer.  Now Cold Summer have been review before with the single "A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire” which was taken from this EP.  A quick recap about the band - They have been going since 2011 and have been making a post-hardcore noise that has seen them play shows with Funeral for A Friend, Milk Teeth, Polar and other bands and they have previously released two other EP's ('Cold Summer' & 'Transitions & Wake').  I did say at the end of the review for that single that I wanted to hear how the rest of the EP turned out, so here is my chance.

"Bear Eats Wolf" is a big opening, starting with harmonised guitars tone that fade into an aggressive and strong chopping riff that spins around the drums which sound huge and the mixture of clear and shouting vocals is smooth when required and glass shattering when it is not.  This song is also being released as a single and a video has been created for the song as well.  It is a Post Hardcore explosion that is sadly over when you are still wanting more, a great opening to the EP.  What I said about "A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire" when I first reviewed it was this - "A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire" is a post-hardcore song which starts off with a sense of urgency and determination.  The lyrics are about not going with the crowd and being in a time where those that are admired are not the saints that people should be looking up to; it is about making up your own mind and not being afraid to be the one looking in the other direction.   The riffs are tight, the hooks tight as a nut and the drums/bass combo is fantastic. - This opinion has not changed and the song has not diminished with repeated listens, it is a great song.  "Car Crash (In Progress)" is the third track from this six track EP, which is a song about the state of the world and how it is not all sunshine and light where things can (and do) go wrong.  I love this song, it is the best of the EP, it has a great chorus which has a stupidly catchy hook to it that stays in your mind for ages and the band sound as if they are fighting a war with the world throughout the song. 

"Coins Fail (But Don't Make It)" is the first song that does not quite hit the spot for me, let me be clear that it is not a bad song, it is a good number which keeps the post-hardcore vibe going to the end.  But it does not feel like a track like it has been done before on this EP already, even with the ending of the song that does have a sense of drama it does not hold that excitement for me throughout the whole song.  It is still a good number, but it does not reach the highs of previous tracks on the record.  The penultimate track of this EP is called "Waiting" which comes out of the speakers with an aggressive tone and malice that is sparked into life with an off-beat, snippets of guitars and then it does truly explode in front of you as the band whip up a storm of energy could put holes in walls.  It is one of the slower numbers on the EP, but it delivers as much fury and power as earlier songs on the EP and it is a stone cold killer track - definitely the best one of this EP.  However, it is not the last song of the EP; that honour falls to "Something, Nothing, No-one" which gives a good impression of coming from the discography of Vision of Disorder/Bloodsimple.  It hits all the melodic hardcore sweet spots as it crashes around you, it is as harsh as the band gets on this release and it gives the record a great ending with a brilliant riff and noise from Cold Summer.

This EP has fore filled the potential that was hinted at with the first single "A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire", it has dynamics which is a must for post hardcore music, there are variations that help the songs come to life and it showcases a band who are hopefully able to rise with this release.  Five out of six songs being top draw is a very good return and I hope that this will lead to more releases from the band - definitely ones to watch in 2016 and beyond.

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track - Waiting

You can get a copy of the Fight to Survive EP (pre-order till 1st April 2016) from the Cold Summer Bandcamp here.

You can follow the activities of Cold Summer on Facebook here

At the time of writing the Fight to Survive EP was not available on streaming sites.

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