21 February 2016

The Phoenix - My Turn to Deal

It is time for a short, sharp, shock of an EP review this time folks! Today we are looking at hard rock, all lady Italian group The Phoenix who hail from San Marino/Rimini, Italy.  Regularly gigging around their home country and Switzerland, the band have been trying to build a live reputation with a mixture of revisited covers and original material.  The band consist of Lena McFrison, Alice Schecter, Luna RocketQueen & Giuli McMousse, they kept trying for a separate lead singer, but eventually settled on being a four piece. This EP that I am reviewing has been released on Demon Doll Records and their promotional work is by Atomic Stuff Promotions; now I will be honest here once again, until I was sent their EP to review I had not heard of them and I do not have much to write about them apart from what is on the press release.  But never let it be said that we would not give a band a chance, so let us see how this four track EP plays out.

The first track is the title song of the EP, "My Turn to Deal".  From the very beginning the band start with a hard rocking number that is incredibly catchy, it has a hard rocking swagger that is needed to make this sort of number powerful and not cheesy; it is an incredibly hard act to pull off and from the beginning (even with the sample of a poker game), the band have a sound that make an instant impression and it is a positive one from the very beginning.  "Dangerous Girl" is a number that is all about being out in the night time, being a lady and also being dangerous and having fun.  Now when I first heard this song, it was a track that I was not too sure about; I thought that the opening to the song seemed a little too messy and a little sloppy.  However, as the song progresses along the riff comes alive in a way that I was not expecting; but the time you get to the end chorus, I was singing along with the band and just enjoying this song.  It reminds me of Lita Ford, Freak of Nature and it also has a grunge taint to it as well in places and it is my favourite song of the EP.  The penultimate song of the EP is called "You Can't Stop the Rock & Roll" which slows things down slightly, it is an ode to that beast which all band love, Rock & Roll and how it cannot be stopped, not now & not ever!  It comes across in place like Iron Maiden, a bit of Motley Crue and even a little bit of Poison as well.  Sadly, on each release you have a song that does not get you as excited as the others, this song is that one for me; but even then it is still a great song which sadly has three strong tracks around it. However, it still kicks ass and it also has one of the best solos of the record - so job still well done on this song.  Ending this album far too soon is "Party Hard" which is sadly not a cover of the Andrew W.K. classic (but I would love to hear these ladies cover that song).  Once again it is about being a rock rebel and not taking any shit from anyone, it is the heaviest song on the album that has places which match bands such as Anthrax in terms of intensity and shows that this band are more than capable of rocking it with the best of them out there.  It is a brilliant end to this EP, which as I stated earlier ends far too soon.

Now there are times where I would have been sent running away screaming from the very idea of a new hard rock band in the year 2016 making such an impression on me, but I am glad and very happy to say that this EP is such a fun and brilliant piece of hard rock that it is impossible not to enjoy it.  For these girls, the night is always young and the rock sounds as if it is always going to flow and this is not a release where people should as 'this is a great release for a female rock group' as that would be so disrespectful to them as musicians and people - this is a great release full stop! I might not be the biggest hard rock fan, but this is so good that it grabs your attention and does not let go.  This EP is not designed to be anything other than a fun release that wants to make the party come to you, it is not a serious album and it just makes me smile.  Well done to The Phoenix and please may we have some more?

5 out of five - I wish I had extra ears to love this more

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