14 February 2016

Headgirl - St Valentine's Day Massacre

Bonus blog for you all while I'm on a Motorhead trip - the EP they did with popular UK female metal band Girlschool. This came about after Girlschool supported Motorhead on their tour for 'Overkill'. Lemmy liked the idea of a female band and also thought they were excellent. This then lead to the EP which was recorded while Motorhead drummer Phil Taylor recovered from a broken neck (he'd injured himself during drunken tomfoolery whilst on tour) so the drums on this were done by Denise Dufort of Girlschool.  Even though the EP itself  made number 5 in the UK charts and got some (begrudgingly) good reviews, some fans and critics felt that it was a shift to less serious and more novelty territory. They actually had a point as Motorhead would then go on to record the "Stand By Your Man" EP with the Plasmatics. Yes, a cover of the Tammy Wynette song. It was awful - as was The Plasmatics cover of  the Motorhead song "No Class" but I'm getting off track here.

Anyhow, Motorhead and Girlschool (the EP was branded as either Motorhead & Girlschool, MotorheadGirlschool or Headgirl, which is the name I've filed this blog under) went into the studio with the intentions of duetting on one song, whilst covering one of the other band's songs. The first song was a cover of "Please Don't Touch" by a band called Johnny Kidd And The Pirates. The second song was Motorhead covering 'Emergency' by Girlschool and then Girlschool themselves return the favour by covering 'Bomber'.

1) Please Don't Touch - Excellent. Absolutely excellent. Fast paced and sounding more like something Chuck Berry would do if he were into bikers or something. Extremely rough and ready. You can sense the chemistry between Lemmy and (Girlschool singer) Kelly Johnson as they duet. Fuck it - Top Track: Please Don't Touch.

2) Bomber - Girlschool covering Motorhead. Musically, it's on par with the original although it's weird hearing it sang by a woman (Enid Williams). Not meaning that to sound sexist, but as we all know, Lemmy had a very deep gravelly style of singing which means that clean female vocals in place of that are going to sound different. Still, the song rocks like an absolute motherfucker and that's the main thing. Fact - one of my cats was going to be called 'Bomber' before me and the wife settled on 'Lemmy' instead.

3) Emergency - Motorhead covering Girlschool. Only difference is that  Motorhead have speeded up their version a tad. Also, "Fast" Eddie Clarke does the vocals on this one, apparently he'd been bitching to Lemmy that he wasn't getting enough attention from the press or something so Lemmy suggested he did lead vocals on this. They're not too good, probably why they're buried in the mix! Still, decent track, anyway.

So, it's a fun little EP which showcases some good stuff. Quite hard to find though, although the tracks have appeared on each bands respective "Best Of" compilations over the years. I cannot think of any major problems with this EP or anything to be overtly critical about. It's totally a stop-gap or tour souvenir at best, but it's also a lot of fun too.

4 - This is really good, just short of perfect.

Unfortunately, this isn't available on iTunes or Spotify. Amazon seems to have a copy though.

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