22 January 2016

Dead Behind the Scenes - The White EP

Dead Behind the Scenes are an Italian band from the Cassina ‘de Pecchi province of Milan and have been going since 2010.  Considering the members are all under twenty at the time of writing, it is an incredibly long time to keep a band going as some are over the same day that they release a record in other parts of the world.  They have been touring around Europe and not just content with being a local rock band, this is admirable and shows a good degree of confidence to be going outside their familiar location; this is a review of ‘The White EP’ which is part one of a dup of releases (it will be followed by ‘The Black EP’ which the band have stated will balance out the music which is released on this EP.  This could work to the advantage of the band, showing two different sides to what they are all about; but we first need to see what they are about on this EP, let’s find out.

Starting the album is “I Love Matt” with upon first listen is one of those track which clashes horribly, first listen I was prepared to throw this to the wall; now I mention this at the beginning as I want to show the progression when I was listening to it.  The further I listened to it, it did improve as I started to hear things in the song which you do not hear in the average alternative rock number these days.  First off, these guess have either been listening to Faith No More, Mr Bungle and Frank Zappa or they have been listening to other artists who are influenced by these guys.  Musically it has sections of each act and the solo is something that could have been brought out of ‘The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust’ era David Bowie.  Musically it is an interesting song that has a lot going for it, lyrically I cannot tell if they are being serious about their love of Matthew or if they are using it in humour – not sure if this is a joke song or if they are being serious which is something that makes it difficult to settle the song in my mind, but musically it is very interesting after the initial impression.  “Bulletproof Soulmate” has a reggae sound added to the mix and it slows the mood down, again it takes a little time for the music to settle in your mind.  The mix is handled incredible well and the moves between the alternative rock and the reggae is very smooth as sometimes a band can make a crap handed job of it; these crazy cats do really well and there is a brilliant solo in the middle as well.  Still not too sure about the lyrics thought once again and it seems to be something that will progress throughout the EP.  The halfway song is called “No Name Song” and musically we seem to be on the North-West of England and the melodic part of the Madchester scene here; it comes across as a slightly beefed up version of the Charlatans here on a music level.  The song itself is alright and does not really improve over that in this case, it is played well but the song itself is a bit weak to be honest compared to the first two numbers which operate strictly in the left field.  The penultimate song of the EP is “Sex Rock & Rock ‘N’ Roll” which is a massive improvement on “No Name Song”; musically it is a throwback to a classic rock sound that mixes in some alternative rock sensibilities as well, moving along at a good pace and the keyboard work is the star of the show here.  It has an instant energy which is easy to connect with from the beginning and due to this, it is the song of the EP – flat out fun and very bizarre, much like the rest of the EP.  Ending the EP is “Sometimes You Just Have To….” and it is a rebellious number that basically sticks the collective middle finger up to the world, the song is a song that could probably become a hit like “Fever For The Flava” by Hot Action Cop or “Three Little Pigs” by Green Jelly.  It has that sort of vibe which could move the band up a level, but it might not be where they would want to be, as their other songs seem to have a different vibe.  Either way, it is a fun and rebellious way to end the EP.

I am very unsure about parts of this EP, I am not sure if they are a comedy rock band or if they are a serious act and that is something that the band themselves will have to come to terms with in the future.  Lyrically, there is either some good statements or some questionable content here; musically there is a lot to like here as the band mixes a lot of styles, showing more diversity on one five track EP than some bands do throughout their whole career.  I am not overwhelmed to be honest, but I am also not dismissing them are a teenage punk outfit; there is a talent here and something interesting going on.  It is a good release to be introduced to this band and their upcoming ‘Black EP’ will probably answer a lot of questions I have in regards to what they are wanting to do, but this EP is asking more questions than giving any real indications of their game plan for me.  We have had the white, now let us see what happens when they release their black opus.

3 out of five – Decent, getting there

Top track – Sex Rock & Rock ‘N’ Roll

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