17 December 2015


We are back in Nashville for this one and Dark Wave act BLVCK PØWЯ, coming originally from Dark Daze Music and also with help from Sweet Sound Records.  I will be honest, I know nothing about BLVCK PØWЯ, but here is the press release -

If you don't know BLVCK PØW
Я then you will soon!  This dark wave band from Nashville will bust out of your speakers and make your ass move with the distorted bass and synth madness of GЯVVZ and the belting vocal of GЯ▲¥.  There is also exclusive cassette release of the album contains alternate album art and bonus remixes by Tomes, Kyle Andrews, Danny Floyd, Mog, Burn the Sails and Triple Black Darkness. 

Now if you go for the digital download on Bandcamp you will get the eight main tracks of the album, I will focus on those tracks and leave the remix tracks for your own listening pleasure.  I am interesting in the band, there have a blatant disregard for keyboards and the image is a cool one.  So let us see how the music has turned out......

"1'M ▲ SL▲V
4 V" is the first track and I am trying to work out if this (as well as the other tracks are covers or originals with the same titles as famous pop songs.  Either way it is just over two minutes and it is a dark piece of ambient pop, it reminds me of Cocteau Twins and Portishead at their most fucked up after a night on the tiles with The Bug.  With it being such a short track, it also leaves you wishing for more and that is better than being stretched beyond its natural life span.  "L1K PЯ▲¥Я" is the next song and it continues that messed up part of dark noises, haunting female vocals and pulsing bass that drive the song onwards towards death or glory.  Once more it is very short and does not have any wasted energy, it does leave you wanting more but that is refreshing in this genre.  "C▲LL M M▲¥B" is the third track which comes in out of the void and has a mixture of trip hop, dark wave and sources the mind of Aphex Twin for this destructive slice of evil.  It sounds messed up, twisted and as if the demons are trying to charm you to their cause and at this point you will probably want to join willing.  The halfway point of these track is marked with "1k øk" and all is still dark and sinister on this track, you have a pulsing beginning which goes into the usual dark wave which is this band's standard fare.  It is a good track, not ruling my world but it is continuing the good work that has been started with the first for songs.

"D▲NC1NG ØN M¥ ØVVN" slows things down (they weren't going at a million miles an hour in the first instance) to a really slow grind at this point.  It actually reminds me of the darker moments of 'Ghost I-IV' by Nine Inch Nails, it is a track that is screaming to be remixed and I am sure that it will receive this treatment at some point.  It is the first track where being so short has not suited it and it is a shame as it had all the potential to be the track of the album.  As if sensing the mood has gotten too slow, the band launch into "DЯVNK 1N LVV" which brings an 80's taint to the sound, casting a dark shadow on this number that gives this album a bolt of energy during the final half of the record.  It is a great number which shows there is another side to this music, giving the release a different prospective and it is fun number that I can connect with that reminds me of artists such as Betamaxx.  With a scream we are introduced to the penultimate track "VMBЯ
LL" which has that darker side to this sound coming to the forefront of the album again.  This track reminds me once again of Portishead and it is as bleak as the night before the dawn.  I like the bleak feeling to the music here, it is my favourite of the eight songs and it stays with you long after it has finished.  Ending the album is "B▲D ЯØM▲NC" which is mostly instrumental, there might be some vocals buried until some sound effects but they are not the important thing on this song.  The music is the important part of this song and it is a great piece of trip hop/dark wave noise that brings this part of the release to an end.  Again, it is very short and it is another song that is screaming to be lengthened or remixed; but it is a very good song never the less.

From the first moment I put this on, I knew this was a release for me. It is a great release and I will be hoping to listen to the remixes very shortly.  It is well produced and sounds darker than the bleakest part of an Alaskan winter, it is also criminally short if I am honest and a few of the track could have been given a bit more room to breathe and this loses it a few marks if I am honest.  However, the music itself is of a highest order and well worth checking out.  For fans of Portishead, Aphex Twin, Nekromantik and The Bug.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Top track - VMBЯ

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