26 December 2015

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A few days ago I was contacted by Adam Littlemore to review his current CD.  Little bit of a back story.  Adam Littlemore is a solo artist who is from Sunderland, Wearside, UK, he is playing gigs around the North-East and always on the lookout for more.  It has been a bit strange trying to get this review up; firstly, I have not had an artist so hands on when supplying the information and wanting feedback, second I am not too sure we communicated are cohesively are we could have.  When I was asking if the track on his Bandcamp page & Soundcloud were the same as on the CD, I think it confused him a little.  But never the less, communication issues aside it has been refreshing to have someone interested in finding out what someone things about his music.  Now I will be reviewing all six tracks that are on his Soundcloud page from top to bottom and I can tell you he does have a CD available and you can contact him on his Facebook page (you will find the link below); for marking purposes I will be using the singles/EP marking system.

"Shorline" (as it is spelt on the Soundcloud page) is the first song, all effects on the album come from the guitar and no other instruments are used.  Together with the strumming of the guitar, the strings sound as if they are being hit like rain hitting off a roof to add percussion to the song.  It is very gentle on the ear and easy to become lost in, it is over in just over two minutes and could have went on for a bit longer; but it is still a good piece of music.  Following on is "Memories" which is a more traditional instrumental guitar track, the guitar moves along slowly and the strumming which starts off slowly does increase in speed a bit towards the end and the pace reminds me of the song "Livin' Small" by onelinedrawing; you can hear the energy that goes into the playing here and it comes together very well towards the end of the song.  "Horizon" is the third track on offer here, which follows the pattern of "Memories", a gentle beginning focusing on the gentle parts of the guitar as the loops starts to move around and it brings the audience in; before it gains volume towards the end and everything falls into place.  It is another number which does its job admirably, not pulling anything that I have not really heard before; but it still sounds really good.

"Apocalypse" starts off with more feedback and reverb that the previous three tracks, it has a drone quality to the sound and it could have been a demo from the likes of Sunn 0)))) and Boris.  It does not deviate from the style of the other songs in terms of playing, it is just given an extra aspect which makes it stand out and it is a track that really intrigues me; it is both loud and quite in equal measure - a hard trick to do and the ending is harsh on the ears.  "Ambient" is next is a looser track than "Apocalypse", but you can tell it was recorded around that same time as it is once again high on the feedback which carries the song forward.  Another song that explores ambient patterns of drone and sound, it bounces off itself to form the main structure of the song and you can briefly be submerged by the song.  The last song on the list is "High Emotions" and this is the first to feature another instrument along with the guitar in the form of drums, as the riffs start to loop in and out of the song, you find the drum beat is stuck in the background on a repeating pattern and it does distract from the guitar work whilst it is there.  The track is not bad, but it could have been better served without the unrequired percussion. 

Overall these songs show the first steps of an artist who is just starting out and exploring his music.  Out of the six tracks here, only one of them needed a little work and that is a good return in anyone's book.  The tracks are all very short, all well-formed but these could be extended into drones in the live setting.  He might need someone to work on getting him a press release together, but I am sure that will happen at one point. I do think that there is an interesting style on display here which is full of potential, but for now this is a good place to start.

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track - Apocalypse

You can stream the music of Adam Littlemore Music on Soundcloud here

You can purchase all the tracks reviewed here on the Adam Littlemore Music on Bandcamp page

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