1 November 2015

David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock

Rattle that Lock

David Gilmour

1. "5 A.M."  Instrumental David Gilmour 3:04
2. "Rattle That Lock" Polly Samson
Gilmour Michaël Boumendil
3. "Faces of Stone" Gilmour Gilmour 5:32
4. "A Boat Lies Waiting"  Samson Gilmour 4:34
5. "Dancing Right in Front of Me" Gilmour Gilmour 6:11
6. "In Any Tongue" Samson Gilmour 6:46
7. "Beauty" Instrumental Gilmour 4:28
8. "The Girl in the Yellow Dress" Samson Gilmour 5:25
9. "Today" Samson Gilmour 5:55
10. "And Then..."  Instrumental Gilmour 4:27
Total length:

Where do I start? This to me is a master at work.

The instrumental at the beginning -5a.m what can I say-'skin-gasm' Goosebumps.
 'Sensuous aesthetic gratification - putting words to those moments where we're tactilely rewarded just for being alive. (Well if you replace tactilely with audibly). An amazingly apt description of how I feel listening to this album-by the wonderful Physician BJ Miller on 'what really matters at the end of life' TED talks-  https://www.ted.com/talks/bj_miller_what_really_matters_at_the_end_of_life/transcript?language=en.).

This slips seamlessly, artfully and thoughtfully into 'Rattle that lock' and 'Faces of Stone' using samples of whistling - layering effects - at once intimate then dreamlike. And my God I've always loved this man's guitar solos it's almost indecent, but for some reason Rattle that Lock - for me- doesn't live up to the heart-breaking beauty of 5a.m, and it can't hold my attention. That said I do currently have a rather horrible sore throat and a temperature.

Faces of Stone is quite disturbing for me - sounds like a haunted fayre ground - perhaps with grotesque clowns on the horizon - or just out of sight - waiting to caper threateningly. High temperature again maybe? It’s not my irrational fear of clowns and consequent displacement honestly. But I had to skip the track.

It's only until 4. "A Boat Lies Waiting" that I stop skipping. This is a masterful beautiful dreamy thoughtful layered artistically crafted track. And this is maintained consistently through 5 and 6, until at 7. Beauty - an instrumental - manages to step the already impossibly beautiful melodies up a notch. It’s almost indescribably euphoric-his guitar wails and soars into existence, and my god but what this album can potentially lack in heartfelt lyrics at times, it more than makes up for it with stirring music that pulls you through a dark thunderous sky to some starlit world.

And then 8. Girl in the Yellow Dress -What?? I'm brought to earth with a thump.  The music has abruptly slipped from prog rock atmospheric drama to a jazz track.  To me it jars and the difference sounds incongruous. But he's David Gilmour, and I bow to his experience.  If life has taught us anything, it's that Gilmour does what pleases his ears, and the rest of the world benefits.  Track 8 fits his throaty gravelly soulful vocals. But it's a bit melancholy for me- this isn't the fantasy emotive escapism I'm accustomed to with Gilmour- it's more real world glum- a flapper crying 'he did me wrong Joe' in a smoky1920's speakeasy.

Then what the?? Track 9 'Today' has gone from jazz speakeasy to a children’s rhyming choir start. This followed by a funky base lick. It's like a 1980s Bowie let's dance/ Floyd twiddle/ disco mashup.

Track 10 'And Then' doesn't disappoint.  It's an instrumental which whilst cleverly layered, with a beautiful reminiscent sounding guitar, somehow managing to convey an acceptance of what's ahead and what has been, whilst maintaining a jazzy beat.

This album is already on my iPod and in my mind. There are bonus versions with many rewarding tracks. My husband will patiently add the links below as I still haven't got round to doing that on the blog.

My Score: 9 out of 10 - Almost perfect, almost

My Favourite Track: 5 a.m.

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