29 November 2015

Andrea Bocelli - Cinema

I offered to review this amazing and prolific artist's work because I find his voice captivating. Rich golden vocals soar through speakers to caress your ears - it seeps sunlight into your soul. And perhaps that sounds an over exaggeration - and it might be depending on what your music deal is.

His voice is warm and it sounds effortless.
To me it is like the taste of a fine rich fruity red wine, whilst sitting alfresco in beautiful sunshine, looking out at the cobbled street and terracotta tiles of a beautiful Mediterranean village.

Andrea has had international success over decades, and has constantly broken the barriers of classics/pop. He holds world records for albums released cross category at top places over a number of consecutive weeks. Platinum reached countless times and selling millions of copies.

'Bocelli has recorded fourteen solo studio albums, of both pop and classical music, three greatest hits albums, and nine complete operas, selling over 150 million records worldwide. He has had success as a crossover performer bringing classical music to the top of international pop charts.' (Wikipedia [accessed 2/11/15]).

Although he qualified and worked as a lawyer he stopped working after 1 year and instead immersed himself in music. He is amazing and I'm glad he was discovered by Caterina Caselli who is still his manager and producer. 'Bocelli signed with the Sugar Music label in Milan after the group's president heard Bocelli sing "Miserere" and "Nessun Dorma" at a birthday party for Zucchero' (Wikipedia ) But above and beyond this he was recommended by Pavarotti himself to duet with Zucchero! How amazing is that for an upcoming singer!

His newest recorded work is 'Cinema' and is stated in Wikipedia as something the singer has wanted to do for a long time. Presumably he has been inspired by all types of music from a young age - particularly perhaps focusing on his interest and skill after his sight loss.
Where do I begin?

I have always disliked musicals - I don't like the dancing and fake smiles - all very effortful and choreographed - where a few simple words with genuine emotion and expression is to me far better.

I will explain now that I am not at all knowledgeable enough to review this album. I have no background in classical music, and am not a fan of musicals- so I have nothing to compare each track to. The following is simply my opinion.
I must point out Andrea is wonderful in each - regardless of my dislike of the chosen musical.

I skipped through the first two as they annoyed me - Maria seriously?? More than half the words are Maria!

And then Moon River - love Breakfast at Tiffanys-apart from the shameful racism in one part of it and the way she treats her cat…what…a….bitch…..

The next song is beautifully harmonised with Arianna Grande ??- but the video puts me off a bit. Andre is being relaxed and natural, and Arianna looks a little like she may be staring in soft porn. Is this jealousy – she’s a wonderful singer -and very beautiful - is in an involuntarily ingrained sexist reaction to my own gender via years of stereotyping and conditioning by patriarchal society. Probably. But she looks a little...I don't want to say high....

'Be My Love' is beautifully expressed -the end high is a little uncontrolled but fitting.

'The Music of the Night' Phantom of the Opera.
 This is a musical I have voluntarily been to see in London - love the operatic drama and the romance of the mask.
The music whilst obviously genius ala Webber - always seemed a little flowery to me.
Ah goodness me -the way Andrea holds that note on 'night' at the end. Excuse me while I swoon.

What is 'Scent of a Woman'? Sounds like the background music in pizzeria. Nope no thanks. Ah wait - it's gone all that dance that Gomez and Morticia do with a rose in their teeth. Ah no - back to the accordion thing. Ugh. Nope. Skip.

Not keen on 'Life is Beautiful' either.
But I do realise he's sang in at least three languages so far...maybe four. I wouldn't know without googling.  Accomplished doesn't cover it.

The Postman - so sad -why was the postman sad?  It’s beautiful whatever it is. I am now inspired to look up the original. Scrap that - I've just checked on YouTube - it appears to be an artfully shot black and white movie - silent?  How can there be songs? Am confused perhaps YouTube is not showing me the whole thing?
A postman delivers letters - he goes to a bar - it's empty apart from a woman in a low cut blouse playing foosball. The foosball of course bringing attention to aforementioned blouse. She beckons him to play - and I must note here that it's probably empty because this woman obviously suffers from some mental health issues. The way she is portrayed good grief. The sex siren woman and the poor man unable to approach such dangerous beauty. Fucks sake. At one point she has the ball from the game in her mouth. Hygiene considerations notwithstanding - that shits just odd. Like seriously incongruous -her behaviours widely uninhibited.

Then she goes back behind the bar to do whatever she does when she's not provocatively playing football. I'll not speculate.
So there’s moping, rampant sexist rubbish and artfully filmed letters. He sits in his room starring at the ball. Maybe the postman wouldn't be so sad if he had someone else deliver the letters while he got his shit together.

Cheek to Cheek-Top Hat: I sang this for my husband on our honeymoon in Paris, in our little hotel room, above a busy market Street in beautiful hot July weather :D 💜 "Heaven I'm in Heaven"

They're just showing off here, singing in two languages. The female singer has a beautiful sweetness to her voice. The accompanying music has a fantastic classical, and also more modern interpretation, with subtle use of an electric guitar.

'Bruce La Terra' the Godfather: has some beautiful acoustic guitar work and gorgeous dramatic music - much more my pace.

Evita: Beautiful. Wow honestly I'm really wondering why I've not tried to watch these musicals again. But I suppose listening to them by a master - as opposed to watching people prance about -is completely different and probably preferable. 

There are tracks from this I'm going to keep on my iPod for the admin elements of my day job. Very relaxing - very...transportive.

Ah and then Gladiator 'Now We Are Free' thanks Andrea now I'm sobbing - and as I'm full of cold and my eyes inexplicably sting whenever I cry which isn't often - I may have to listen to something else. Now We Are Free by Andrea was quite the most beautiful awe inspiring expressive emotive price of music I have ever heard.

Track Rating: 8 out of 10 - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Favourite Track: A combined Now We Are Free & Moonriver.

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