6 October 2015

V1BE - Plastic Dolls

I am getting some strange emails these days - in between a few heavy albums, I am going to quickly look at V1BE.  Now I know nothing about this band, apart from what I have quickly found out - they are from San Diego and consist of C.Young [Rapper] & Rossy [Singer/Producer].  Now, at ATTIWLTMOWOS we tend to be (how shall I say) more into the heavier side of music.  But as I wrote all those years ago, we are also into well-crafted music - regardless of the genre.  So (if only for my own sanity and for the need of something light for a few moments) - let’s see what these guys are all about. 

Musically it reminds me a little of "Starry Eyed Surprise" by Paul Oakenfold & the singer of Crazy Town who was called Shifty Shellock.  It is a club song which has a bit of nu-school R 'n' B, rap and dance floor filler.  For what the music is, it is a decent tune which I am sure will have a lot of people grinding and dancing in clubs around the world.  Now I will say this music is not for me, but it does have some soul/funk samples in the music which gave me a bit of interest - a nice distraction, but that is all.  I am sure they will do very well and at some point will end up on every radio show, it is better than anything from xFactor and that ilk.

2.5 out of five - Not bad, not good - so average it is Zen

You can pre-order the digital version of the upcoming album on Amazon here

If you pre-order their upcoming album from iTunes, you get the single free 

You can follow their activities on Facebook here

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