15 October 2015

Omni Dimensional - Sub Phantom

He is banging them out isn't he! This is the fourth album released by Omni Dimensional within fourteen months, which is the studio name of Joe Yeates who is starting to become the John Zorn of Gloucester.  Once again (for people who do not know) Omni Dimensional have been going since 2013 and lists bands such as Meshuggah, Architects and Volumes as influences just to name a few'.  We have previously reviewed 'Spherical' (review cleverly linked here) and 'Matter: Part I to VII' (review cleverly linked here) which we thought were very good releases.  At present our one album per artist rule is being tested by this man as both albums have received very high marks, so if this is a third one then I will a big choice on my hands.  According to the Bandcamp page, this album was created around the same time as 'Spherical' but has been germinating for almost a year.  With it being wrote around the same time as their second album, I am expecting a similar theme to that release (or at least style).  Time to see the result of all this work......

Starting the album with a sound of a storm in the introduction track called "Wake Up" which builds up the atmosphere as we are launched in "Discoveries". You can tell this was wrote about the same time as 'Spherical' as it does share that certain tone of that previous release, but this one is a much darker number that has more industrial sounds in the mix than its circular cousin.  It is a slow and persistent number that moves with the steady pace of a killer that will walk for days towards its victim, it is a great song to start off this album.  After this we have the first of a trilogy of songs called "Perception": this one is called "Part 1 - The Awareness"; it starts with a ambient section that swirls around a simple guitar chord that keeps on repeating throughout the song, at around the one minute mark it starts to go a bit Devin Townsend Terria period mixing the light riff with a heavy riff loops around for a while then we get a pause for breath and we have another riff that smashes down on you till it is the song ends.

Following on is the second section of "Perception" called "Part II: Deceitfulness" which is a seven minute monster that goes through so many twist and turns as it explorers where riffs are going before returning to a familiar sound that is always in the background of the song.  It is the highlight of the trilogy to be honest, but I think that is mainly due to the length and twist/turns that it goes through.  It does not feel as it is too long, it feels as if it is just the right length as well as it fades out into the final chapter of "Perception" called "Part III: Consciousness" as which comes out of the noise of "Part II: Deceitfulness" as an echo to the rest of the previous two songs.  It is very light on the ears and is around all to briefly as I wonder what would happen if Omni Dimensional would create if it they were to create a track which was done without the distortion peddle.  I think it would end up a lot like this track and it might be an interesting sound to explorer when the time is right. 

The penultimate song is called "Perses" which mixes the styles even further and in places can sound equally as strange as Aphex Twin (he does have sections of music which are not bat crap crazy), Mr Townsend once more and like Exxasens (Spanish Post Rock act).  It is another lengthy number that does not loss your attention at all and you are never too sure what will happen after the next pause and that is the sign of a good track for me.  It fades out and then Omni Dimensional launch straight into the final song "Singularity" which begins with the sound of fire coming down and thunder crashing around you.  Then it goes heavier once again, it is keeps on building up and speeding up in places with a ferocity that sounds like a juggernaut.  It then changes directions once more and the ambient guitars are introduced to the mix once more that the riffs keep on coming.  The storm could not last for the full song and the song fades into haunted ending that fades into the distance.

Once more Omni Dimensional have release another impressive album, it is as good as anything they have done before hand which will make a problem for me later trying to pick which of their albums for the end of year polls.  It is a compact album and it is one of those times where you have a section of songs that are split into separate part and it makes sense, they would have been one epic long track but splitting them does not harm the end result.  It does build to a natural ending and the epic "Singularity" that ends the album on such a high note.  The fact the music is free means you really do not have an excuse for not checking it out.  It is something that you can download from the Omni Dimensional Bandcamp, you should do it now.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Top track - Singularity

As with all of Omni Dimensional, you can download the album for free from his Bandcamp page

You can follow the activities of Omni Dimensional on Facebook here

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