13 October 2015

Grus Paridae - Passes By

Grus Paridae is a cooperative collective and music endeavour of Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen with special guest Jarno Koivunen on violins.  They are from Finland and this is their debut single/mini EP which was released in 2014.  The band recently got in touch to ask if we were able to give it a review - now whilst we are currently gearing towards end of year reviews I wanted to give this a look for one reason.  I actually thought I recognised the name of the band and whilst looking through my random MP3 files I found a compilation album I had downloaded last year called 'Progstravaganza XX: Landmarks' from Prog Sphere Promotions and track thirty on that release is "Passes By" by Grus Paridae.  So whilst I could not recall the song straight away, I did at least remember the name which was a good sign to be honest.  It was a good compilation of progressive rock music, but at thirty one track it was a bit heavy.  So it is good to hear this song as it was intended to be released - so let’s commence with the review.

"Passes By" is a dramatic number that has all you really require from a modern Prog song.  It starts with the sound of rain and a guitar plucking gently in the background.  It takes a few moments for the build to start, layers are added and then the collective instrumentation kicks in and you are taken on a little journey through your own mind.  The dynamics of the song give each section a warm feeling to me, it also reminds me of 'The Division Bell' period of Pink Floyd and the title track from that album in terms of sound - that is a compliment from me as I find that to be one of the best songs that Pink Floyd wrote so to hear another song from a different group which matches that song for me is something special.  "Inheritance of Doom" starts with notes falling down like rain on a puddle, then the song settles into an outlandish progressive tune that reminds me heavily of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and the sound of the 1970's progressive music.  The strings in this song are the linchpin to the sound, they swirl like smoke in the air and they are hooked on a repetitive and simple bass line and drum beat that allows everything else to flow so easy.  I will be honest and state now that "Passes By" is the better of the two tracks, but this is still a quality tune as well.

This is a quality release for the first song alone, it is one of the best tunes that I have heard this year and it is a shame that it cannot be considered for the 2015 song of the year for the blog (also our rules are set in stone - or Luke will get angry and tell me off for changing the rules on the blog I founded).  It is one of those songs that you will want to repeat, then once you have finished listening and going about your day you will want to listen to it again.  I do hope these guys get to release an album soon, I hope that they get in touch sooner as well, quality tracks and full marks from us.

5 out of five - I wish I had extra ears to love this more

Top track - Passes By

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