29 September 2015

wecamefromwolves - Where'd Your Love Go?

Singles used to be an event, I remember when I was growing up and finding singles that would lead on to me discovering a fantastic new album.  Sometimes it was not even the first or second single off an album.  It was usually the third single which was the clincher for me, such as "Policy of Truth" by Depeche Mode from their darkest moment 'Violator'.  So after the recent review of their debut album 'wecamefromwolves' (cleverly linked here) I was contacted again to review their third single, which is something that really appealed to me.  I love it when band's release singles, it harks back to that time when single were a great way to prompt an album and a band.  So which song (even though it is obvious from the title of the blog) did wecamefromwolves release as their third single?

"Where'd Your Love Go?"  is a dark number which was part of a trio of song on the album which formed the middle section of the album, it is laced with doubts about a relationship and if the person in question is going to stay or go.  Following on from The haunted guitar that opens the song gives way to a moody slow drawn riff that is not in the mood to give you the time of day.  The song moves very slowly and out of all the numbers, it is the one which also reminds me a bit of Elbow in places (something that I was not expecting to be honest) and upon further reflection, you have a Biffy Clyro edge to the number.  It is a number that is a on par with the best of the album and showcases their strengths.  This single is released on the 23rd October 2015 and the band will be on tour around that time; if they are coming your way, make the effort - it will be worth it.

4 out of five - This is really good, just short of perfect

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You can hear the song on the album 'wecamefromwolves' on Spotify here

You can also stream the album onDeezer here

You can also stream the album on Tidal here

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