1 September 2015

Okilly Dokilly - Okilly Demos

A Ned Flanders themed metal act….yes that is what the world needed, but with that said, look at this t-shirt…..

The Okilly Dokilly’s have actually caused themselves a bit of press with this gimmick.  It was first brought to my attention by some friends who wanted me to give them a bashing as they were not impressed.  With a bit of research I have seen that they have been getting a lot of press in major UK publications – NME, that sort of thing. Now I am not really too phased about where they have come (Arizona as you're asking), why they exist (I think that is obvious) or if they really miss their dead wife (what a bedroom scene that would have been).  A Ned Flanders band is as high on my agenda of things I want to find as a new series of The Simpsons – i.e., not very.  But this is not fair on the band themselves, their music might be good and it is only fair to give them a chance….. 

First track is called “They Warned Me”, with it being a demo it is sounds like it has been created in a live studio.  Someone was warned, the person who is warned is lamenting at this turn of events and screaming along to the music that is being played in the background.  Musically it sounds a bit like a cross between Deftones, American Head Charge and Green Jelly.  It is not the most gripping of material, but I have heard a lot worse.  With a slight hippy beginning “Nothing At All” comes into the world, it is starts like Blind Melon and then turns into a nu-metal Green Jelly again; this track is poor and that is being kind.  The different style are not gelled together and even with a slick production job it would still sound the same, as the old saying goes – you cannot polish a turd.  “Press Destruct Button” is the penultimate track of the release, there is a decent song to be mined from this number, it is about two minutes too long and could be more effective with a Discharge edit and make over.  Best song on the release, but is that really that hard?  Ending the demo is “All That Is Left” and are we seeing a pun towards Mr Flanders and his left handed mission?  Either way, the song itself it average at best and once more it could be improved with a bit if trimming.  Nothing wrong with the overall style, but half of the song is from the Queens of the Stone Age colouring book and the rest is nu/thrash metal sludge.

A lot of people I know have given this release a good kicking and it does seem a little harsh, I can see why as they have got a hell of a lot of press without having the material to match the interest - what we have here is (at best) just a live studio recording and not the fully finished product.  But after all is said and done it safe to say it is neither good or bad, just a bit average for the first release of a band who have been thrown into the limelight due to a very good comedy gimmick. In time, maybe they will release something good that will stun the world as much as their matching jumpers.  But two things are against them, 1) Comedy bands tend to stay that way – a joke that eventually wears out its welcome like yesterday’s chippy tea; 2) They are just an average band at the moment and there is nothing here that (so far) suggests that they are going to be more than a heavy metal comedy act who grabbed the world’s attention using a gimmick that is derived from one of the Western world’s longest running TV shows.  I hope that they do release something that gives everyone (including myself) a huge slice of humble pie for doubting them, I would be more than happy if they did do that – after all, some comedy metal (Lawnmower Deth, Tenacious D) is good and warrant further listens.  But until then, this act are not one which raise much of a smile on my lips, made my ears tingle in delight or grab my heart stings – again, a bit like the Simpson then. File under – I have heard worse, but I have heard a hell of a lot better (even at demo stage); it is not as bad as some people have said – just not for me.

2.5 out of five - Not bad, not good - so average it is Zen

You can get the demos for free on their Bandcamp page here

You can follow their activities on Facebook here

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