22 July 2015

The Black Hounds - Love And Death EP

Well, it is time for another request review - this time it is a review of Wolverhampton band The Black Hounds.  I am going to take this from their Facebook page, as I do not know anything about them - 'The Black Hounds are a heavy rock act from the heart of the Black Country. The group was formed in January of 2013 by a group of individuals who had "been there and done that" and were still searching for other like minded, ambitious musicians, longing for chemistry and another chance to express themselves'. They go on to state - 'Our music is hard and aggressive with a focus on hooks, groove and melody. However, the band does also display a deeper side with songs that are emotional, introspective and sincere'.  Now, as I am willing to admit that it is a noble sentiment to want to make music that emotive - the proof is in the resulting songs and lets see how this three track EP sounds?

Starting this release is "Love & Death" which comes across as a mixture of Slipknot,
Queensrÿche, Bullet For my Valentine & Iron Maiden, but it is more heavy rock with a hint of metal to these ears.  It has a classic rock feeling, the instruments are played well and I have not heard that many solos mixed into the song outside of Bruce & Co.  It does sail past me and does not stick in my mind, but it is played well.  The next number "Mr Mayhem" which is more aggressive than "Love & Death" and mixed in with that classic rock/metal sound is a bit of groove metal sound, it is certainly more interest to me.  It have something more to it, a bit more of a depth than "Love & Death", the opening has an infectious riff and once again it is well played.  The final track is called "Call To Arms" and it starts off much like "Mr Mayhem" which the mixture of groove and classic metal and the verses are strong, the chorus is does not quite stand next to them, but overall it is still a strong and well played number, the ending of the song is really good and finishes it off on a high point.

I will be honest and say this EP is not to my tastes; but that does not mean that it is bad.  For what these men do, they do it really well and I cannot fault the passion and performance itself.  If you are looking for a heavy metal/groove metal/hard rock combo, then these guys could be your cup of mead.  For me it was not the sort of music I am into these days, it does not connect with me; but still well played all the same and I hope the band find the audience that they are looking for.

3 out of five - Decent, getting there

Top track - Mr Mayhem

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