8 July 2015

Harris Adams - Lady Luck

Well, he has finally released a single/EP!  You may remember earlier this year I reviewed the single "Ring Ring" and whilst it was an enjoyable song, I did say it is very hard to gauge an artist by one song alone.  It is a three track affair from the man from Sheffield and it give the audience a chance to find out more about the man.

"Lady Luck" is another classic slice of R 'N' B from the old school style of the scene.  With a brass section, simple keys and the female backing section are behind Mr Adams and give that voice of his a perfect back drop.  The bass is the key here, prominent when needed, quiet when other sections of the band need to fly.  It is a catchy number that needs a bigger audience.  As stated on the original review "Ring Ring" is a track with a classic sound, the Marvin Gaye comparison is a perfect match as this track reminds me an awful lot of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine".  The production job that has been done on this song is of a top quality and a lot of money and time has obviously been spent on this song - my view has not changed since I originally reviewed the song.  Ending the release is "Red Velvet Suit" which is a tale of wanting someone else to make a decision, whilst wearing the aforementioned red velvet suit.  It is another song that keeps the energy up, once more the production is the key here and whoever is behind that desk is working wonders.  It also helps that Mr Adams has a charming voice, it all comes together with ease and you cannot help but enjoy the song.

This is much better, there is more to go on other than a single song (no matter how good the song is, you need more to make a decision). In this case, I can definitely recommend this to any fans of old school R'N'B and soul.  It does have a timeless quality about it that is hard to create when there is not talent behind the sound; I also stand behind a comment I made on the last review - if Mr Adams and Mr Myles Sanko ever did a song together I might explode.  Cannot sing the praises of this enough, worth checking out for any one.

5 out of five - I wish I had extra ears to love this more

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