18 June 2015

The NX - Night Heavier

Recommendations - a great way to hear new music.  It is because of the good reports I have heard about this band that I am currently review their latest EP.  The NX are from Sunderland in the North East of England and according to their information on Facebook they have just came back from a hiatus; they have also shared the stage with such bands as Deaf Havana, Job For A Cowboy amongst others.  At the moment, there has been a bit of a buzz going on with this band and I wish I could write more about them but sadly I do not know that much more about them.  But that have never stopped me before, so now it is time to see how this EP has turned out...

Starting the EP is "Lonnie Johnson's Greatest Hits", it starts in a swirl of energy, riff and flat out power; musically if you are familiar with the styles of Glassjaw and GU Medicine (and by extension, Cavorts) you will hear a song that is very much in the vein of that hardcore punk/metal.  It sounds like a fight is being fought through your speakers.  It is a bruising number which has a great groove in the middle of the song that sinks its hooks into and really does not want to let go.  The next track is called "The Great Unwashed", this is a much more measured attack form the band and the word attack is really appropriate with this number.  Once more it is more hardcore smash 'n' roll punk to the side of the skull, it slows the groove down to a stop/start pace in places and that dirty bass sound is really impressive.  The penultimate track of the EP is called "The Day It Rained Forever" and it starts off with a quick paced drumming and moody guitars, a slightly echo on the clear vocals which gives way to the hook line of the song - One of the pills will make you tick, whilst the other will only make you sick.  Just drink in that sentence, it has been stuck in my head for ages afterwards.  It makes a decent noise and sounds like a wounded animal towards the end of the song - vicious once again.  Ending the EP is "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" which does end this release with the sound akin to a bomb going off in close quarters, it is very feral and damn right dirty.  The hardcore formula mixed with a sick slab of groove is fantastic and ends this EP with a bang.

As debut release, this ticks all the right boxes; it is short, sharp and explosive, there is no rest in the songs and they have a lot of energy, it sounds incredibly fresh and sounds different.  The last part is key here, there are a lot of bands who are doing the rounds that sound similar to what is really popular; there is very few bands who are brave enough to try something different.  Much like Waheela, Druganaut and We Are Knuckle Dragger, these guys are just doing what they want and it does not matter whatever else is going on as they know they are onto something really good.  Being selfish I do wish this was longer, but that just means I am hungry for more.

4.5 out of five - This is really good, just short of perfect

Top track - The Day It Rained Forever

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