11 May 2015

Raging Dead - Born In Rage

Time waits for no man, today I am truly trying to catch up with my inbox and we are now back with more Italian madness.  This time it is the debut ep release from Raging Dead, who according to the press release are inspired by Wednesday 13, Murderdolls, Skid Row, Marilyn Manson, The Misfits and many other bands.  Judging from the cover of the EP, the names of the band members (all of which have surnames such as Nightmare, Void - you get the idea), the song titles, etc; if this is not a slice of horror punk with a dose of metal, I would willingly eat my own hair and smile with every mouthful.  It is going to be another short review, only six tracks on this release so the EP scoring system is getting well used today.  Let us see what horrors await us in this record.....

My hair is safe from the opening "Awakening of The Damned" and its slow horror building sound; it is the racing heartbeat and atmospheric keyboards which give way to the proper track of the EP - "Scratch Me".  With a huge slice of glam rock, horror punk and a sound like a steroid infused Wednesday 13, I can see where the band has sourced their inspiration and added a new twist on a tried and tested formula.  It explodes out of the speakers and it is difficult not to smile like a maniac when they are shredding the solos and making a sound that would make Armageddon a much happier place. The next track is called "Anathema" and it is more punk than metal on this song, with a song which has angels in the lake of fire, lots of shouting and another quality solo which really impresses this listener.  It starts a little slow, but once it gets going it sounds really good.  The next track is called "Redemption" and you get the feeling that the band are not really aiming for this, what they are aiming for is your jugular and to make the audience; it is another relentless pounding for the audience as the band craft another horror punk anthem that is very infectious.  The penultimate track brings out the acoustic guitars....sorry, that last part is a lie as I am sure you would have guessed.  "Nightstalker" is cut from the same cloth as the rest of this album; metal - check, horror - check, punk - check. sing along chorus - check.  It is relentless in delivery and whilst it is slower than some of the other songs on this EP, it is still going at a manic pace that does not take any prisoners.  Ending this release is the song "Vengeance" which starts off with a slow, dramatic opening; before giving way to another fast paced metal/punk horror show that has been the calling card of this release.  It is another well played song that ends this release, doing exactly what the rest of the song have done all the way through this release.

This release is a very good opening for a band that have a very powerful and dramatic sound.  They sound very tight and it is played with a lot of energy and pace.  But there is only one energy level in this band and that is manic; only "Nightstalker" does anything approaching slightly different (and the beginning of "Vengeance") and even then it is soon back to the manic paced sound that is brilliantly done, but even bands like Wednesday 13 and Misfits had variations to their pace to keep the audience from feeling like a punch bag.  I hope that when this band release something else, it does have a few other tones to the release, it would improve the overall experience of the band.  But this does not take away from the fact the band have a brilliant sound, if you like horror punk/metal then look no further; it sounds like the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world whilst driving a car toward the fires of hades.

Top track - Scratch Me

3.5 out of five - Decent, getting there

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