11 May 2015

Enversa - Enversa EP

Enversa are a new band formed in Newcastle upon Tyne; it features members of Rossi Noise, Default Theory, Duma and other projects which have been bouncing around the North East of England over the years.  I have been meaning to review this EP for a while and to be honest I really should have gotten my finger out earlier; but better late than ever.  This four piece have just started gigging and so far I have only heard good things from the people who have attended the shows, so now it is time to find out how the music shapes up.

Starting the EP is "Buried Alive" and from the opening you are dropped into an alternative rock/grunge song with a pleasant song about the darker, more claustrophobic side of a relationship.  It reminds me of a band called You're Pretty which Mr Dunmore introduced me to years ago, it is heavy on the emotional rock side of things, but it is not sounding like an emo band (ie - this is how old school emo used to sound (bands like Far, Hundred Reasons) before it became a fashion statement and it is a really strong opening for this EP.  Next is "First Blow" which starts off with a very heavy riff, if it had a slightly heavier drumming it would be almost Sepultra in places.  But it is another slice of emotional rock that works very well; in places I wish their was a second guitarist but does not take from the fact this is another quality track that does not sound as if it is looking backwards, but it sounds as if it is going forwards.  The third (and penultimate track) is called "First To Fall" which is keeps following the same path as the first half of the EP, strong vocals from vocalist Laura, powerful rhythm section from bass player Mark and drummer Matt, mixed up with a great riff from their guitarist Neal.  The end has a slightly messy section where it sounds as if it is going to fall apart, but it held together till the end and it is a solid number.  Ending this release is the song "Suffocate" and the band seem to be heading out of the EP with a band; it has that powerful alternative, post grunge sound that has been a constant with each track, the emotional rock lyrics are there as well and it brings proceedings to a satisfying close.

For a first release it is a strong set of songs, all of them are very powerful, there is a lot of passion that has went into the songs and you can tell that the band have been working hard on each of the tracks.  If I had to pick on one thing, I would like to have seen a little variation; but this is their first release and I am just a silly man who listens to Frank Zappa for pleasure.  It is a great place for the band to start from and I look forward to seeing them live and further releases, it is refreshing to actually hear a band get the post grunge/emotional rock sound right again.  Also, you can get this for free on their soundcloud page - do it now!

3.5 - Decent, getting there

Top track - First to Fall

You can follow Enversa's activities here on Facebook

You can hear and download this EP at their Soundcloud page here

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