11 April 2015

Dirty Fingers - 250 Dollars

Once more unto the breach dear friends, with the fifth part of our (what is becoming a Robert Rankin style) trilogy of Italian reviews (if you are confused, look up how many books are in the Brentford trilogy; it will make sense then).  This album is by Dirty Fingers who were formed in 2010 and took their name from '82 Gibson Explorer pick ups.  After various line up problems, it has taken them a while to release this debut album. So I would be lying if I said I knew who these guys were and that I am a big fan of glam music; but I am also willing to give anything a fair go and in the spirit of my Anglo-Italian reviews - Avanti.

Starting this album is “Back To The Move” which sounds like a mixture of glam and industrial metal, very similar to what happened with Shotgun Messiah in the 90’s; however this actually sounds a lot more fluid than that album as it is not a band trying to keep up with the Jones’, rather it is a band trying to make their own sound in the world.  It does lean more to the glam side, but it has a dark side to it and it is very catchy.  Following on from this is “Whiskey” which is a much more traditional glam song (albeit with chunking riffs), an ode for the beverage of choice for some people it has an American Southern rock vibe about it which has obviously transferred to continental Europe; it does what it says on the tin and keeps the record going on as the band try to keep the party heading in the right direction, so far it is staying the course.  “Explosive Sound” starts off with a riff duelling with itself until the song breaks and it is a fast, toe tapping speedy glam piece with a mixture of Guns N’ Roses and Shotgun Messiah.  It is not exactly to my tastes if I am honest, but it is still a number that I can see going down well with their fans and people who love that sleazy rock vibe.  The fourth track is “250 Dollars” which is the title track of the album, this song seems to be doing it best to mix Motley Crue and other glam bands with the speed of 80’s speed metal as well.  It also reminds me of The Black Spiders (a band I have not been too nice to), but it sounds as if it is done correctly; it has a great hard rock/glam soul and does not fuck around – I think that is a bonus and it is understandable why the title was used to name the album, it is just fun; pure and simple fun. 

After this is “Black Magic Night” which is the major ballad number of the record, clocking in at six minutes and twenty five seconds you can tell what you are going to get from the opening acoustic riff – heart felt lyrics, quite building, explosive bridge and some fantastic solos… all of these were checked.  For what the song is about, it is well played and the effort that went into the song cannot be faulted.  I would be lying if I said it was something I would return to, but that just means it is not for me; I have played this for a few friends who are glam fans and they were much more receptive to it, so with that said it is time to move to the next number.  “Dirty Fingers” brings the party back to the room, from the opening burst of riffs the band start with a song that would start a party/fight/sex game in a room by itself; it has everything you would want from the genre on show and it also sounds like a bomb is going off in the room – definitely the song of the album, even with the cow bell.  Next is “Hero’s Day” which is introduced with a low slug dirty bass riff before the rest of the band come in and you are in the middle of another slice of Southern American style rock which is a close second to “Dirty Fingers” for being the song of the album.  It does not stray too far from the band’s core sound, but it does enough to show that they are not a one-trick pony.  The penultimate song is called “I Am” which once again starts with the bass and then it goes in to some really fast metal which has a lot of influences on its sleeve (if this song is not influenced a little by Motorhead and glam rock, I will be surprised).  The energy is in no short supply as we head towards the end of the album and it keeps rocking as hard as anything else on this album.  Then we come to the mournful opening of “Nothingness Dance” that feels as if it could have gone into a Paradise Lost number before it goes all traditional metal on the audience.  Once more, it shows that there are a few styles in the mix for this band and that they are not just going to rest on one style; it is a strong sounding number that I probably would not have expected and it ends the album on with a very good song.  But it also ends the album on a question more than a final statement.

Overall I have to say this was a very entertaining album for the genre, it has some good sings and it make for a really good record.  I will be honest and say I am not the target audience, but that does not mean I cannot appreciate it.  As I have said, I have played it to some of my friends who are glam fans and they loved it.  The mixture of styles actually work together and that is a really good thing to hear in this day and age.  If you are looking for a glam album that actually sounds as if it has updated its ideas and have a bit of passion, look no further than this.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

Top track - Dirty Fingers

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