5 March 2015

Glastines - I Don't Mind (Single)

Well, we have been contacted by another act from the Newcastle upon Tyne region, this time it is a band called Glastines.  They were formed in late 2014 after the dissolving of their previous act Emergency Door Release, According to their Facebook page, they are inspired by many musical genres and take their prime influences from Peace and Foals.  I will be honest and say until they contact me, I had little to no idea about them; that said they have just started and it does take a little while to get your name out there.  I would also like to apologise for this being over a month late, the only excuse I have is that I am late with a lot of things on the blog in the first few months of the year.

This is a one track single called I Don't Mind, it start with a slow looping guitar sound that then gives way to a pounding drum beat.  The vocals come in with a heart felt honesty that bring to mind a tuneful Ian Brown (we know that the Stone Roses guy can have problems reaching some notes live - be honest), the tune is really catchy and the small guitar duel around the middle of the track sounds like they are having fun.  The solo is really good (something that is missing from quite a lot of indie/rock music these days) and the song is over very quickly.

To be honest it is really hard to get a perspective of a band based on one song, it is like seeing a glimpses of a person in a crowd - one minute they are there, the next they are gone.  With that in mind, I cannot give it more than the mark I have given below.  But there is enough here to make you want to listen to more, I really like it when bands go against the natural backdrop which is going around and it shows that guitar rock bands are still alive and well.  It is catchy, nicely paced and full of promise; they are going to be making live shows around the Newcastle region soon and I hope their shows go well. 

3.5 out of five - Decent, getting there

You can follow the Glastines on Facebook here

You can listen to (and download at time of writing) the song from the Glastines Soundcloud here

You can also follow their activities on Twitter

They are not currently on Spotify or Deezer, but if that changes I will update it here

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