21 January 2015

The Creep Void - The Elevation of Idiocy (EP)

Better late than never I suppose, I've been monitoring this North East rock act not far from where I live, and they've had one album under their belt, Apotheosis. The link for the album is here which I reviewed a couple of years ago, and certainly one of the more entertaining offerings I've been privileged enough to listen to. While I lauded their debut piece and boasted that the Creep Void would be going places, I will concede they are taking the long hard route. Most of their time has been taken up by rather exhaustive pub gigging largely round Northern England. Also helps that I liked their Facebook page soon as I watched their official video Not For God's Sake and I was sold full stop. Staying with Facebook, they've amassed a reasonable amount of followers, about 1,100 likes at the last count.

Last update I heard at the time of writing they were recording for album number two somewhere in Washington or Durham, but I expect some typos from them. Not exactly Muscle Shoals admittedly, so in the meantime, this EP, The Elevation Of Idiocy is a taster of what's to come. After a couple of listens, I've got to say while not launching pyrotechnics in all possible directions from press play, it's certainly never going down. Track one is I'll Be Your Masochist. Assured riffwork setting the scene right throughout, and voxman Barry Appleton doesn't jump from the starting blocks but arises slowly but still confident on the tenor Bb notes. Pace-wise it's a hint of grunge and hints of Chris Cornell, and no doubt CV are picking up from where they left off in Apotheosis.

There's more inventive riffwork that Chris Hanna presents on The Persona Of Many which does sound very new and original, nice bit of choral harmonies even if it's too short at almost three minutes long and ends a little abruptly just as I was starting to enjoy it. Nevertheless, for me it's wrestling with the opening track as the best of the four. Needles To Say (not a mispelling incidentally) is at it's most minimal lyrically and the emphasis is on the change in guitar distortion and just the general rhythm feel, again very solid and very listenable. Still, the pen's been put to use more in When You Look Into An Abyss, The Abyss Also Looks Into You. Title wise I can't think of any others who come up with something as inventive and I'm assuming Barry largely applies the wording. Solid offering as an EP in all.

Not a half hearted effort by any stretch of the imagination, and forgive me if I've overused the word solid, I'll find a swearbox for it later, but that's how I saw Elevation Of Idiocy initially. It takes a couple of listens to really get into it. It's good at first, then gets better on the second, and so on. But the best things in life mature slowly too, and this is something I wouldn't give high marks for if I didn't think it was showing signs of excelling. For now, time to charge a glass to a strong EP and expect the same from The Creep Void's second album when that comes.

4 out of 5. This is good, just short of perfect.
Best track : The Persona Of Many

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