9 October 2014

Kasabian - 48:13

I am starting this blog with a confession before I even start this blog; I am not a fan of this band.  This is not due to their performances, previous albums or any reviews/shows/blogs I have either witnessed or read.  It is just that what I have heard has not been my particular cup of tea, there has been a few numbers of interest but nothing to make me step out and really give them a listen.  Also, the way they are described irks me (a combination of Primal Scream, Oasis and The Stone Roses) as it seems like a lazy way to sort out a band when they are new and even lazier when they are headling major festivals and having major tours around the globe.  The last thing that has made me avoid them is the fact that NME is constantly up their arses; a sure sign for me that their music is not going to be for me.  But today, I have decided to change this and look into their latest album - 48:13 (the length of time for this record) just so I can make up my mind on them once and for all.  Now this album has been a UK number one and has received a mixed response (on a brief look at the marks, it has been mostly positive).  So it is with an opened mind that I step into the murky waters of Leicestershire indie....

Starting the album is introduction from "(shiva)" which is a loop of feedback that builds slowly toward the first proper track of the album - "bumblebee" which was the second song to be released off the album as a single.  It has a brash introduction, which gives way to the sort of fist pumping indie that will have the Kasabian fans very excited.  Personally, it is a hell of a lot better than the track "Fire" off one of their earlier work 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum'.  It does not take much to be better than that track for me; this does have a confidence that comes from a band that is on firing on all cylinders.  It is decent for what it is and I can see why this is a popular track, it is one I have heard over the summer and now I can place it with a band.  Next is "stevie" and this starts with string that head towards another track that is brimming with confidence and passion.  Again, it is another song that improves my previous view of the band; it is again not exactly to my tastes, but I can see why this is popular.

Next is another intro track called "(mortis)" that gives way to "doomsday".  This track does not really do anything for me, it sounds like Madness trying to make an indie record; just soak that sentence in for a moment.  It is just one of those numbers that I know will make other people jump for joy, but it makes me feel empty inside.  "Treat" is next and this is a better song, but only just.  It has that dance swagger that was the band's first calling card.  I can see what the band was aiming for with this track; it has a very easy pace to it and is pleasant on the ear.  But once again, I do not find myself changing my opinion of the band - it just fails to push the right buttons for me.  "glass" is next, with a rap provided by Suli Breaks and as a song there is nothing wrong with it what-so-ever.  It is just that it only becomes interesting in the second half when Suli Breaks lays down the rap; beforehand it just feels a little dull if I am honest, nothing wrong but nothing right either; sort of like a dull Beatles out-take.  "explodes" does not start out with any energy, it is another slow burner towards an ending which doesn't explode at all; this is not a good sign at all to be honest and this is coming from a fan of electronic music as well.

"(levitation)" is the third interlude track which then gives way to "clouds" and this track starts off with a similar sound to the ending of "explodes", but then it morphs into an indie anthem that restores some of the confidence of the album.  Yeah, it is a little bit too close to "Fire" for my taste, but it is better than the last few number that have appeared on this album.  It just improves the overall tone of the album, even if it is not to my musical leanings.  Next is "eez-eh" which sounds like a holiday headache; it is a sickly sweet as candy floss covered in syrup and dead wasps.  This song is one of the worst I have heard in 2014 - awful.  "bow" is the penultimate song of the album and is so much better than the last song.  It takes my mood straight up after than lump of dog-shit, but again it is not to my musical leanings to be honest.  It feels like their energy is being focused on something that is much better for them, but again it is something that I would not really reach for if I am honest.  Ending the album is "s.p.s." and by now, they are winding the record down; not that "bow" was that fast a song.  It feels like they are trying to recreate a camp-fire vibe, it ends the album on a better note than I could have hoped for to be honest a few tracks ago; it is also one of the better moments of the album.

Overall, this is not my type of thing.  As albums go, I cannot say this is the worst thing I have heard this year - that is reserved for people that I enjoy and who make records that I am disappointed in (give you a guess who I mean); this album is just not that good to make me hate it or detest it.  There are some songs on it which have made me slightly interested in what they are about, but not much to be honest.  The bands that these guys have been compared to - The Stone Roses, Oasis - there is no comparison in style as those bands have something more about them.  The comparison to Primal Scream is one I can understand - as I find them a little overrated as well.  Not doing anything wrong, just not doing anything right either.

3 out of ten - Not for everyone but played well

Top tracks - bumblebee

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