30 October 2014

Cavorts - Got Your Brass

From the ashes, they arise; many years ago, I was introduced to a band called G.U. Medicine by our fellow blogger Luke.  They had that sort of high octave metal/rock sound that I liked and was very lucky to see them a few times.  However, somewhere along the way they split up; it was a shame but sometimes a band runs its course.  I mention this band because they all went on to form Cavorts and this is their debut album.  In 2012 they released their debut EP called 'Times Told' which was one of the dirtiest EP's I have ever heard.  The bass sound was just thick and the riffs sounded like a fight between heaven and hell, I really loved the overall result of the EP and have been awaiting this album for some time.  So without much further waiting, let's see what it is all about.

Starting off the album is the title track "Got Your Brass" which begins with a fast riff repetitively playing over, then the rest of the band comes into the song and the album begins with a mixture of punk riffing, alternative rock sensibilities and a ripping solo that I really enjoy.  It introduces the album slowly, not like a firecracker but with a statement of intent.  The next song was the opening track of the 'Times Told' EP called "Pigs Of Ballast", the bass opening still sends a shiver up and down my spine whenever I heard it and that has not diminished since the second I first heard it.  It is one of the best songs I have heard in the last few years and this version is just as good as the original.  Following on is "Wait On" which comes across as a traditional heavy metal/rock classic to begin with, then the punk ethics come into play.  What I like about this song is that whilst it is not as hairy chested and looking for a fight as "Pigs Of Ballast", it is still powerful and full of venom - just a brilliant number. 

"What's Cracking" is another fast and furious number, just rattling along and sounding like a gang looking for a fight.  The fact that they drop the odd solo mixed into the tune every now and then just raises my respect for this band.  There is a few really good bands out there that do not deal in solos, this band knows there importance as well as a meaty riff for you to bang your head to; this is one of the best songs on this album.  "Kicks And Strikes" slows the mood down a little, but not in a ballad type of way (I would expect this band to shoot anyone who suggested a MTV unplugged type of album), what they have here is a song which sounds more like Paw or Gruntruck - a mixture of grunge, punk and old school metal which is a great mixture of some of my most favourite styles of music.  I have to say the ending of this number is spectacular and has such a groove, brings a smile to this face.  "Rubbing Rags" is the sixth number on the album; it is another slice of alternative punk that will have people jumping around rooms soon enough.  The foot is still firmly buried into the floor as far as speed is concerned; it is a good song, but it is not as exciting as the other tracks for me.  It is played very well, but something about it does not quite click; but I am sure it will work for other people.

"Pick Up The Hammer" for me is a much better song, it is has more of a driven pace that sounds a lot more focused.  It is leans more on the metal side of the Cavorts musical palette.  The more I listened to the track, the more it stated to shows the clever interplay between the members and this sort of confidence only comes from lots of practice and years together.  Next is another song to have originally been released on the 'Times Told' EP - "Save Some Things".  This song for me is a great example of a Post Grunge number with a dose of Motorhead/Probot, it just flows with ease and there is a speed element to it as well; the fact that it has hints of the Probot/Lemmy song "Shake Your Blood" endears it even more to me - that that it is a cover or nicks elements from said song, just that it has the similar energy and styling to me.  Next is "Look After The Packing" and my deity does this song deliver, it has the swagger that is a trademark of the band and it just smashes into the listener with a menacing energy.  For the best percentage of the album, I was going to give "Pigs To Ballast", but "Look After The Packing" just hit it out of the park.  But it is not the last song on the album, no that honour falls to "By The Tide" which is not a slouch or disappointing track - it is the natural ending track of the album and the build in the middle sections into the swirling riff that encompasses this song is brilliant.

If there is any justice in the world, this band should get as much press as the current darlings of the metal and rock press such as Royal Blood, Black Veiled Brides and other band who gain all the headlines.  It is a great British Alternative rock/punk/metal album that ticks all the boxes in terms of energy, musical technique and style.  Out of the ten tracks on offer here, only one of them was a little bit below par; even then it was not a bad song, just not as good as the others.  I think that is a brilliant return for a debut album.  It is a little gem to have been released in 2014; I really hope that it gains the band more exposure and that they go from strength to strength with this album.  

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Top track - Look After The Packing

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