24 September 2014

Izzy Stradlin - Baby Rann (iTunes only single)

You're probably thinking "whuuutttttt...". But yup, this is the latest (at time of blog) single from Izzy Stradlin, a man whose managed to carve out a respectable solo career as well as being known as "the one who wrote the best songs whilst in Guns 'n' Roses". Now whereas that last statement is up for debate, you cannot deny that during those glorious days when he was in the GnR engine room, there was a quality tune or five produced. A lot of his stuff was the no-frills rock the band used to be famous for. Nevereless, that was then and this is now. So, what does the man formerly known as Jeff Isabelle have for us this time?

He has a no-frills rock number about a man whose girlfriend left him and ran to Vietnam. There is something about the family dog in there too, I dunno, it tends to vary as it's one of those songs where the verses are a simple refrain - in this case, the guy's girlfriend running away and the dog - and various stuff about them gets told to us. It's a very simplistic rhyming approach which luckily fits the song well enough in order to get away with it. In fact, the whole thing is very simplistic in terms of music, lyrics, vocals and production. But what to you expect from the guy who - according to Slash's autobiography - wanted to do lead vocals for Velvet Revolver and embark on a club tour? The fact that Straddlin was the first to bail when GnR became a fucking circus says it all (Yes, I know Steven Adler was the first of the 'classic lineup' to leave but he was sacked so it doesn't count in this pretext).

The music is very simplistic with a simple verse riff and chorus over a standard rock drum pattern. There are even traces of a hammond organ as well. It's a good mixture and reminds me of the kind of 70's rock that people who wore flares and flannel shirts that stink of motor oil and reefer would listen to,

It would have been nice to get perhaps a full album of similar material or even an EP but alas, it wasn't to be on this occasion. Still, we've got plenty of time. Hopefully the next Stradlin album will have just those things. In the meantime, listen to this badboy and relax.

5 - I wish I had extra ears to love this more.

Chris J.

This song is available on iTunes.

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