16 September 2014


This is a special blog today.  A few days ago, Chris Jermyn from our blog team ended up in hospital after getting an infection from a cat bite.  Now, it might seem silly to end up in hospital due to a cat scratch and bite; but infections can be serious, so he is currently under observation.  With this in mind, I am doing something similar to a gift I did for Chris many moons ago.  Chris ended up in hospital after being ran over as he ran for the bus going to the gym.  There was a vicious rumour (spread by me and one of my friends Ben) that Chris got ran over bending over to pick up a pasty (pastry covered food like a pie for people who do not know what a pasty is).  It was not helped when his family adopted this as the official story as well, it was helped even less when we told everyone we could that it was true.  To the point where Mr J will no longer have a pasty.  So you might say why am I typing this here on a blog which I am sending out to the world?

Well, whilst he was in hospital I did him a tape for his walkman (for this was the time before iPods and playlists).  Being the kind and considerate man (you know, a bit of a bastard), I started the tape with Limp Bizkit - "Break Stuff".  After that, the next song was Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Knock Me Down"; it went down hill from there.  There was some songs from Cradle of Filth, some Slayer, Atomic Kitten (for shits and giggles) and the last song was Sophie Ellis-Bextor - "Take Me Home".  As you can tell, I am a nice person at heart ;-) - but for many reason, I know that Chris will expect no less from me and here we are again.  If I am ever over nice to him, he thinks I might be ready to harvest his organs and leave him in  a bath full of ice (joke copyright of Kevin Smith). 

So with that being said, I have do the modern equivalent of a mixtape which is attached below.  It might seem strange putting it up here on the blog, but I would like you to share it on and send Chris you well wishes (or ignore the list, which ever is your pleasure - but the Flying Spaghetti Monster will judge you).  So, if you could add your comments, share the post, sent him a tweet at his twitter - https://twitter.com/Jermyn78 - just something to put a smile on his face, as he is currently a little low and missing his family.  

I have been texting him saying if he does not end up with superpowers and end up looking like this.....

....he will be missing a great opportunity.  But he will probably just stay like this....

Bless his cottons - normal service will be resumed soon.

Get well soon, Cat Man - playlist for Jerm!!!

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