19 August 2014

Paolo Nutini - Caustic Love

What is it about Scotland that makes it a perfect place for some of the most distinctive voices? You have the singer from Biffy Clyro, Billy Connelly (he has a good voice) and this man - Mr Paolo Nutini.  I first came across the wonderful Paolo when my generous husband had bought me a cd he thought I’d like-shinning disc presents with different gifts of music-like chocolates but less fattening.

Under the disc was another ‘Sunny Side Up’ Mr Paolo's second album - perhaps this was a mistake by the cd seller-and he lost out big style because the popularity of this guy from Scotland was meteoric in its rise and impact. No big hole left here though-more of the sparkling glittering fantasticness and strangeness I have to admit my utter surprise when I found Paolo to be a young white guy. What a voice!

I was given Caustic Love as part of a birthday present and it seemed only fair I review it. Especially with it being a new release. It starts in a lovely build up –almost like some street music stomp background-and with no more preamble Paolo starts to sing. It jauntier than the first album I heard, younger in a way. With the Interlude of Bus Talk a quirky addition. The songs flow by like poems translated into music-produced mostly by Nutini himself –with the help of Dani Castelar and release by Atlantic Records 14th April 2014.

Back into the saddle with ‘One Day’ and you’re wondering where he gets the depth-he can’t be older than 30…He is in fact 27 for goodness sake. Although in saying that there’s nothing like being young to really feel strongly about topics-the passion of youth-you can either drown in it or appreciate it. Substances may have also played a part. Hope he doesn’t let that take over-I don’t want the world to lose another talented singer to self-destructive tendencies. The quirkiness of the album is reflected nicely in the fashionably vintage and eclectic cartoon collage mashup artwork for the inside booklet. 

We have a change of pace at track 8 ‘Iron Sky’. This track pulls me in-I’m melancholy at heart I suppose-which is why this album works better for me. It has wacky fun and bitter sweetness, and then this track slaps you in the face and tugs at the heart strings. I like the lyrics http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/paolonutini/ironsky.html Well that is to say I like all of them, but these ones speak to me - and speak of hope. I like the slip inbetween-it sounds like a clip from the past-from perhaps like the war of the world’s radio broadcast.

The subject goes from almost Marxist ideology to love songs. But there is not a cheesy rhyming couplet or ‘baby’ lyric in sight. Thank goodness for writers like this-gives you more hope for the continuation of music and originality.  ‘Looking for Something’ reminds me almost of Ray Charles it’s a beautiful and catchy track-its funky and soulful and the singing really picks it up and makes the track soar. Overall this is a very impressive album.

10 out of ten - This is proof that there is a God

Top track - Let Me Down Easy

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