26 August 2014

Myles Sanko - Born In Black & White

Sometimes I am a day or so behind.  At the time that I started writing this blog (23 August 2014), Mr Sanko had play Newcastle the night before hand.  I found about this after the event as I had not read one of my friend's FB feed more carefully, missing a great show by the sounds of things.  So after checking out his stuff, I thought I would give it a review as well.  Myles Sanko has been making waves and getting some good radio play.  This album (it is quoted as an ep but it is over twenty minutes and has seven song, so reviewing as an album) was released last year and that is all I can really tell you about it so far.  So what does the album sound like?

Starting the album is "High On You"; unlike lots of modern R&B this has a very traditional sound.  The horn section is on fire and Sanko's voice is as rich and sugary as a honey trap to an ant.  The song is a brilliant opening to this album, keeping the pace steady and the rhythm is just beautiful. Next is "So Hard To Stop" which keeps up the energy, with a tale of not being happy in a relationship due to the constant demands of an over dominate partner.  It has a rich vintage feeling, but not retro to the point that it is backwards looking; it sounds very contemporary and modern as well, just with a classic tone.  Same can be said with "Distant From You" in terms of sound, with a much more gentle pace (but with no deduction in terms of class) you have a modern take on the old school R&B sound and it does not sound like a tribute.  It sounds just perfect and so smooth that it will have people amazed at the timeless quality to the music.

"Come On Home" is slow burning number in more than one way.  This number is a mournful song about missing your loved one who is no longer in love with you, a main part of anybody's experience on this planet.  It is as old as the skies about is that type of song and is done incredibly well; it is not my favourite on here, yet I still found myself enjoying the music.  "Don't Let Me Down" is a stomping number about not trusting the person you are with after they have been a bit of a dick/bitch.  It is full with an anger that makes the delivery sound particularly vicious. "Goodbye Lady Goodbye" is the penultimate number on this album, it is an unusual song for me as it is a story about a man who has left his love for someone who was not worth it; the tone is heavily regretful, this music is almost mocking of the man and the delivery is just perfect.  It is a wonderful number that builds towards a stomping ending.  However, finishing the album is "Sea Of Fire" which brings the soul back to the album.  I can see why this was the song chosen to end this record, but I think it would have been better swapped with "Goodbye Lady Goodbye".  However, it is charming little number to end this first introduction to Mr Sanko.

This is a brilliant introduction to Myles Sanko; it is great to hear a brand new voice on the UK R&B scene that sound distinctive to quite a lot of what is going on around at the moment.  It has a bit of everything for all types of audience, with tales of love, regret and all delivered in a sublime package.  In the next few weeks, Mr Sanko will be releasing 'Forever Dreaming' which I will be looking forward to with interest.  This is definitely a brilliant release and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in R&B and soul. I just hope to be able to catch him next time he is touring.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

Top track - Distant From You

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