3 August 2014

Jonah's Onelinedrawing - Me And You Are Two

It has been something of an exciting year for releases for me; there have been releases from Waheela, Judas Priest, Sleaford Mods and others (if I did it as a list, it might just be one big list and not a review of this album).  But it is lovely to find a release that has been done by one of your favourite artist.  Jonah Matranga is a man who I have met and is a brilliant human being. He is responsible to some of my most favourite gigs at Trillians in Newcastle (especially the Gratitude gig at the venue), my wife bought me a specially made recording by Jonah as a wedding present (which I still listen to and have not shared with anyone - it is mine!!!!) and keeps on making music that makes my world go around.  So when I heard that there was a new Jonah release using his onelinedrawing name (well, part of it - Jonah does like to give names to his different projects) and that R2-D2 was on the cover, I got natural excited.  This is due to the use of R2-D2 on the song "Smile" from 'Visitor'.  The cover is also one of the most fun covers of the year with the rainbow, R2 and a lovely smile from Jonah as well.  So before this becomes a love letter of sorts, it is time to see what the album actually sounds like...

Starting with the title track "Me And You Are Two", it is a slow and thought provoking number.  Jonah states on it that he is always forever young and that he might have been born a priestess, but it is the sound of reflection on the song that makes it a striking and number with a rumbling noise (cello maybe?), it is a subtle and interesting number which for some reason brings to mind the late summer nights of years gone by.  Strange how new music can make you think of the past, it can be a powerful tool.  The second song called "Free" has R2-D2 and is a great sing along number in the styling of "Smile" and the reflective nature of Jonah is on show here again.  The main theme is knowing that you can be whatever you want to be, all you have to do is try and the little R2 noises make it just that more charming for me.  "I Really Love Yr Company" is one of those numbers which Jonah has in spades, that number that makes you think of the person who keeps you sane in the world.  It is just a nice little number that brings sunshine to the darkest days, something that is rare these days. "No Hurry" is number that builds up from simple drum beat up to a gentle song that has great ending, just like the title it is not in a hurry to get to its point.  It takes it time and it is a brilliant number on this album.

"You're What Went Right" is a touching tribute to the person in the world who was a force of good, a person who made all the bad decisions of the world melt away.  It is another theme that Jonah comes to in many different songs throughout his career, but this one is (like the best percentage of the album) incredible reflective.  But this song is a thankful song, full of praise to someone who loves no matter what has happened. It is a gentle number which can make the heart sing out loud. "Fleet-Footed Man" is the next song; an acoustic number about never standing still and no-one can catch this mythical man who can run forever.  For me whilst the song is well played, it does not do much for me. "Fixtures" follows on and this is a really interesting number; it starts with one set of lyrics, it has another set and then the two are merged into one.  The mixing and twisting of the lyrics are fantastic it makes for a beautiful moment.  "Still" is the next, on this song Jonah delivers the most poignant moment of the album; the theme of loss and missing someone is at its peak here and it is just a heartbreak released to the world in audio form.

"Bye-Bye, Best Friend" is a different slant on this theme, this one is about having to say good bye to the person who knows you best but is quite possibly the person you should be anywhere near.  It is something that most people can relate to, it also helps that the song is a stonker and soars above the skies like a bird.  It is the best track on the album and gives me pins and needles.  "Yr Will" is the penultimate song on the album, it is another slow number and much like "Fleet-Footed Man", it is well played but it does not make me as excited as other songs on the album.  But I will say that on repeated listens that it has the signs of being a grower (so in about a year, it will probably be one of my favourite).  The last song is "Sing" and this one is just a joy; Jonah is acapella on this one, showing that you don't need anything to raise your voice and sing.  Anyone who hears this and is not filled with joy is either in hospital, hard of hearing or not blessed with the gift of life - a beautiful and happy ending.

This is a very Mellon collie album and the point is very much focused on the reflective side of the world.  You can see that this is a very personal album, intimate and welcoming to the listener; it is also a relaxing and gentle.  I think that most Jonah fans will know what to expect as it has the onelinedrawing line attached to the title; whenever this is used, it is not going to be an album like New Line Original, Gratitude, etc. This is the gentle side of Mr Matranga; it is also one of my most favourite sides to what he does.  Apart from a couple of numbers which did not float my music interest, I think this is a great little album and will be a must for all Jonah fans.  It may not be an album with massive explosions or ten minute prog number, or hard line political commentary; but it is one with a heart and soul that will touch the most hardest of hearts.  If he does come to a town near you, do yourself a favour and see him; also check the album out as well.  

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

Top track - Bye-Bye Best Friend

You can purchase the album from Amazon here (MP3 version only)

However you can purchase from Jonah's Bandcamp page here

You can also visit Jonah's website here, it has a link to purchase the album and some other special deals

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

And here is a link to listen to the album on Deezer here as well

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