21 August 2014

Cannabis Corpse - From Wisdom To Baked

Nothing like an in-joke to brighten your day. Especially when it is centered around two things which have quite the fanbase; Death Metal and cannabis. This makes for an interesting proposition - a weed themed Death Metal band? What started off as a novelty has matured into a competent, if slightly unremarkable band. It's not that they're particularly bad, but Death Metal itself can be a very limited genre. You might one day get a kick out of the pounding drums, buzzsaw guitars and growly vocals and then the next day, you'd be bored by those very same things. It takes a special kind of band to survive such a genre. Luckily, these guys make the grade.

Cannabis Corpse were formed as a side-band by Municipal Waste bassist Phillip "Landphil" Hall. Unlike the day-job, this band don't rely so much on nostalgia and riffs that even the second bananas of 80's thrash rejected for being too cliched. Nope, what we've got here is some heads-down-pure-Death Metal. And it's fucking GLORIOUS! The first thing you'll notice - and it's pretty unavoidable - is the name. This is obviously a play on Cannibal Corpse - possibly the best Death Metal band on the planet - but given a marijuana twist. This is the 'thing' with this band - they've parodied the name and also song titles from Cannibal Corpse and given them a marijuana twist. So, instead of "Addicted To Vaginal Skin" we've got "Addicted To Hash In A Tin", "Fucked With A Knife" becomes "Fucked On Northern Lights" and "Sentenced To Burn" becomes "Sentenced to Burn One". The music and lyrics are all brand new though. Now, this is obviously a limited gimmick, so later albums would parody the song titles from other Death Metal bands. I cannot remember which ones specifically but I think Death are in there somewhere. Possibly Morbid Angel BEFORE they became camp space-cowboys.

Now the songs of this band that I have mentioned so far don't appear on this album, but we've got a slice of viciousness right here for you - "Individual Pot Patterns" ("Individual Thought Patterns", the Death one). Chris Barnes, the former Cannibal Corpse/current Six Feet Under vocalist lends his pipes to this one. I'll be honest, the guys voice has been shot to fuck for years but it suits the music.

The album kicks off with "Baptized In Bud" and it sets a tone for the rest of the album - straight ahead Death Metal. "Zero Weed Tolerance" is just as ferocious. Fuck knows what the lyrics are about, pot smoking, I guess? "Weedless Ones" basically continues the same theme (It's pretty much the same thing throughout the album). Then we're onto the album highlight - "Individual Pot Patterns". After that awesomeness, we're onto "Pull The Carb", "Considered Dank" and "Voice Of The Bowl". All mastery in savagery. The rest of the tracks are "THC Crystal Mountain", "With Their Hash He Will Create", "From Wisdom To Baked" and "Medicinal Healing".

Basically, there's not really much to talk about with this album. As already mentioned, it's straight ahead Death Metal with some excellent playing and a production which I feel is the right balance between polished and raw. Chances are you'd have to be a fan of this music from the off in order to enjoy it. I wouldn't recommend it for n00bs. Still, if you're an existing fan of Death Metal and are looking for something (extremely) no frills but good enough to hold your interest for half an hour, then grab a hold of this.

7/10 - This is good and well worth a check.

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(Live performance of  'Mummified In Bong Water' - there are no music or live videos for the songs off this album. Sorry)

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